2021-02-25 kali kaneko... format fix for link master
2021-02-25 kali kaneko... [docs] explain tool name
2021-02-25 Ruben PollanRemove the debian folder
2021-02-25 Ruben PollanUse go modules & and devendorize
2021-02-11 Ruben PollanRename the project to menshen
2020-10-18 kali kaneko... better handle spaces
2020-04-12 micahMerge branch 'feat/no-cache' into 'master'
2020-04-11 kali kaneko... [feat] nocache
2020-03-30 micahMerge branch 'remove-geoipdb-update' into 'master'
2020-03-30 kali kaneko... [pkg] Remove geoipupdate from container
2020-03-26 kali kaneko... [feat] add prometheus metrics for country
2020-03-26 Micah Anderson[CI] Replace the kaniko build method with the included...
2019-12-11 Kali Kaneko... [deb] arch is any, not all
2019-12-10 Kali Kaneko... [deb] fix upstream url
2019-12-10 Kali Kaneko... randomize gws on same location, and allow to forbid
2019-10-17 Micah Anderson[docker] getmyip service isn't a forking service
2019-10-17 Micah Anderson[docker] Switch to using chaperone for init
2019-10-17 Micah Anderson[pkg] Fix up multi-stage Dockerfile
2019-10-16 Micah AndersonMake sure that geoipupdate is installed in final build...
2019-10-16 Micah AndersonEntrypoint flags need to be specified by commas
2019-10-10 micahMerge branch 'dockerfile' into 'master'
2019-10-10 micahAdd Dockerfile and .gitlab-ci.yaml
2018-12-19 Kali Kaneko... [feat] add TLS
2018-12-13 Kali Kaneko... gofmt
2018-12-13 Kali Kaneko... return sorted list of gw hosts
2018-12-13 Kali Kaneko... initial debianization
2018-12-13 Kali Kaneko... vendor packages
2018-12-13 kali kanekoadd license information
2018-12-13 Kali Kanekorefactor for readability
2018-12-13 Kali Kanekogeolocate gateways and kd-tree
2018-12-11 kali kanekoadd description
2018-12-11 kali kanekoformatting
2018-12-11 kali kanekorename readme
2018-12-11 kali kanekoadd usage to readme
2018-12-11 kali kanekoremove binary
2018-12-11 kali kanekoconsider X-Forwarded-For header, pass port/path as...
2018-12-11 kali kanekoset path to debians default for geoipupdate
2018-12-10 kali kanekoinitial commit