add deprecation notice
[leap_website.git] / Gemfile
2017-03-02 kwadronautupdate gems and deps
2014-05-09 elijahremove font-awesome from runtime dependencies
2014-05-09 elijahadded 'get involved' links to the front page.
2013-02-20 elijahremove stupid pandoc for now, use rdiscount and RbST...
2013-02-20 elijahforce valid utf8 for older versions of pandoc that...
2013-02-20 elijahreplace pandoc_rails with pandoc-ruby
2013-02-20 elijahadded support for pandoc and page properties in static...
2013-02-13 elijahmisc fixes to get working in production mode using...
2013-02-13 elijahadded sass, don't know why it is needed.
2013-02-13 elijahpin to latest rails, add support for .md files.
2012-12-07 elijahswitch to therubyrhino
2012-08-25 elijahcommitted website v. 0.1.0