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2013-11-05 elijahexpand side navigation only when in current in path
2013-10-29 elijahtemporarily disable i18n fix until ruby 1.9 is running.
2013-10-29 elijahfixed numerous bugs relating to localization
2013-08-22 elijahcss fixes
2013-05-08 elijahfix page paths of summary pages
2013-05-04 elijahadded child_summaries support.
2013-02-20 elijahremove stupid pandoc for now, use rdiscount and RbST...
2013-02-20 elijahadded support for pandoc and page properties in static...
2013-02-13 elijahswitch order of respond_to for page controller, in...
2013-02-13 elijahmisc fixes to get working in production mode using...
2013-02-13 elijahadded capacity for pulling static pages from multiple...
2013-02-13 elijahminor css tweaks
2013-02-13 elijahmoved pages from app/view/pages to pages
2012-12-18 elijahjob post update
2012-12-16 elijahtypo
2012-12-16 elijahoops, removed extra line
2012-12-16 elijahjob posting word change
2012-12-16 elijahminor updates to job posting.
2012-12-13 elijahminor css change
2012-12-13 elijahadded android job
2012-12-12 elijahadded access prize notice
2012-12-12 elijahupdated bingo page
2012-12-07 elijahminor fixes for atom feed
2012-12-07 elijahmerge blog features that got deleted when repo was...
2012-12-07 elijahupdated content missing from renamed repo.
2012-12-07 elijahupdated development links
2012-12-07 elijahvery minor css change
2012-12-07 elijahadd support for external links
2012-10-20 elijahadded jobs page
2012-08-29 elijahsecurity bingo!
2012-08-28 Devin Theriot-Orrmore typo fixes
2012-08-28 Devin Theriot-Orrfix typo
2012-08-27 elijahminor css fix.
2012-08-27 elijahclean up use of h1 headings.
2012-08-26 elijahfixed run_once. should now be much faster :)
2012-08-25 elijahcommitted website v. 0.1.0