2013-02-01 kwadronautupdating Readme and repository name
2012-12-22 Kwadronautgetting rid of debconf for console-data, was breaking...
2012-12-21 Kwadronautinclude "console-data", to support for non-US keyboard...
2012-12-17 Kwadronautadding packages that leap node init would install
2012-12-11 Kwadronautspelling and typo
2012-12-04 Kwadronautdon´t remove headers and build essential, oterwise...
2012-12-04 Kwadronautadd generic kernel headers and virtualbox-guest-utils
2012-11-30 Kwadronautdisable apt pdiffs
2012-11-30 Kwadronautadding build time to guest in /etc/box_build_time
2012-11-30 Kwadronautupdate the wheezy D-I image
2012-11-20 Micah Andersonsetup vagrant low security ssh public key to be able...
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonfix keyboard selection key in preseed.cfg
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonfix preseed keyboard selection and remove unused ruby...
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonlibreadline-dev needs to be libreadline6-dev for wheezy
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonremove unused ruby.sh
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonremove unnecessarily comitted DEBUG file
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonfix name of iso_file in definition.rb
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonput the vagrant user into the sudoers group
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonallow the root user to login
2012-11-08 Micah Andersonfix preseed debian mirror
2012-10-30 Micah Andersonupdate README to suggest the downloads area for basebox...
2012-10-30 Micah AndersonAdd README.md and minimal wheezy definition