update jessie templates
[leap_vagrant.git] / definitions /
2015-11-07 kwadronautupdate jessie templates
2015-11-07 kwadronautfix #7571, include vim tmux
2015-07-21 kwadronautupdate location wheezy cdimage
2015-07-21 kwadronautupdate jessie image to 8.1.0
2015-05-05 kwadronautFixed manual boot device choosing in jessie
2015-04-29 varacruby-hiera-puppet is not a deb package anymore but... jessie
2015-04-29 varacadded definitions/jessie/leap.sh for LEAP specific...
2015-04-29 varacno need to install dev files, because we don't need...
2015-04-29 varacadded definitions/jessie based on templates/Debian...
2015-04-25 varacfixed typo in base.sh
2015-04-25 varacmoved apt-get clean to cleanup.sh
2015-04-25 varacmoved source packages to virtualbox because they are...
2015-04-25 varacInstall additional packages to vagrant wheezy basebox...
2015-04-23 kwadronautupdate wheezy iso to 7.8.0
2015-04-23 kwadronautremove nist-ecdsa from basebox
2014-10-29 kwadronautupdate debian to 7.7
2014-05-27 kwadronautuse en_US.UTF-8 closes #5436
2014-05-27 kwadronautremove cleanup-virtualbox.sh because moved function
2014-05-27 kwadronautupdate debian netinst version to 7.5
2014-05-27 kwadronautMerge branch 'master' of github.com:leapcode/leap-vagrant
2014-02-28 kwadronautupgraded veewee, easier if it's all under a 'definition...