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2018-03-06 VaracClone leap_platform stable branch for production deployment
2018-03-06 VaracOnly run CD for known LEAP devs
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2018-02-20 VaracFix platform indroduction link
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2018-02-15 kwadronautadd Vagrant note on Ubuntu
2018-02-06 kwadronautadd Vagrant note on Ubuntu
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2018-01-25 VaracDocument CI deploy
2018-01-25 VaracUse own ruby image for production CI
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2018-01-25 Micah Andersonsetup review app setup-reviewapp
2017-12-22 Ruben PollanAdd news about katzenpost hackathon
2017-12-14 elijahadded bitcoin donation address
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2017-12-03 Ruben PollanUpdate bitmask description.
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2017-11-30 kwadronaut[docs] add update instructions for 0.10 platform
2017-11-30 kwadronaut[docs] add upgrade notes to platfrom docs for 0.10
2017-11-29 Ruben PollanAdd spanish translation
2017-11-29 Ruben PollanUpdating bitmask and platform description in the front...
2017-11-28 Kali Kanekoadd preview image for bitmask posts
2017-11-28 Micah Andersonfix syntax error
2017-11-28 Micah Andersonsome fixes to formatting
2017-11-28 Micah Andersonput images in correct location
2017-11-28 Micah Andersonadd platform 0.10.0 release announcement news item
2017-11-28 Micah AndersonAdd missing news items
2017-11-28 Micah Andersonupdate tor information
2017-11-20 VaracDocument automatic deploys from CI
2017-11-20 Justin Bottegafix broken links on bitmask-oh-nine-four
2017-11-16 Justin Bottegareplace github source code links with 0xacab
2017-11-15 micahMerge branch 'issue-9' into 'master'
2017-11-15 micahMerge branch 'issue-8' into 'master'
2017-11-12 Justin Bottega[docs] replace download URL with page that bitmask...
2017-11-12 Justin Bottega[docs] update bitmask supported distributions
2017-10-28 elijahremove btc donation address
2017-10-24 kwadronautDocs: improve invite code documentation
2017-10-23 drebsReplace soledad doc with page generated from soledad...
2017-09-27 VaracAdd report-a-bug to menu
2017-09-27 VaracFix broken line endings of multiline variable
2017-09-27 VaracMerge branch 'deploy_from_ci' into 'master'
2017-09-27 VaracDeploy changes to website from CI
2017-09-27 varacAdd a page how to report bugs
2017-09-27 VaracGit ignore .rbenv-gemsets and .ruby-version
2017-08-18 varacRemove haproxy (#8144)
2017-06-13 VaracFix platform repo installation
2017-06-13 VaracPolish merge-requests/7
2017-06-02 Thais SiqueiraRemoves the indication to use a specific release branch...
2017-05-22 Thais SiqueiraImproves IP setup documentation
2017-05-22 Thais SiqueiraIncludes option to install using cloud (aws)
2017-05-22 Thais SiqueiraGuides users to add the services required for email...
2017-05-22 Thais SiqueiraAdds links for more information about how to obtain...
2017-05-15 Tayane FernandesFix path for vagrant setup
2017-05-10 varacFix platform git url for vagrant setup
2017-04-16 kwadronautupdate leap.se provider.json to invite
2017-04-13 Micah Andersonadd additional details to quickstart to help people...
2017-04-10 drebsUpdate benchmarking images with soledade versions.
2017-03-13 elijahMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/disturbio...
2017-03-03 kwadronautadd preview image of upload soledad perf
2017-03-03 drebsrefactor conclusion of soledad blog post
2017-03-03 drebsfix twitter link
2017-03-03 drebsremove broken heading
2017-03-03 drebsadd missing images to soledad sync blog post