AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-29[bug] register and unregister controlled by flagVictor Shyba
2015-07-29[refactor] Extract flags check to callerVictor Shyba
2015-07-28[test] set flag before starting clientVictor Shyba
2015-07-28[bug] Consider events flag when ensuring clientVictor Shyba
2015-07-28[style] more pep8 cleanupKali Kaneko
2015-07-28[tests] add pep8 to requirements-testingKali Kaneko
2015-07-27[pkg] add AUTHORS file + one-liner to generate itKali Kaneko
2015-07-27[pkg] add script to install base requirementsKali Kaneko
2015-07-23[tests] fix initialization of basetest caseKali Kaneko
2015-07-23[style] fixed pep8 warnings on http and test eventsBruno Wagner
2015-07-23[tests] fixed events testsBruno Wagner
2015-07-23[tests] implemented http feature according to testBruno Wagner
2015-07-23[tests] set environment for certs testBruno Wagner
2015-07-23[tests] added setuptools_trial so the tests run using python testBruno Wagner
2015-07-23[style] fixed extra requires typoBruno Wagner
2015-07-23[style] Fixed pep8 warningsBruno Wagner
2015-07-23[bug] fix events ioloop client testsdrebs
2015-07-22[bug] add http request timeoutdrebs
2015-07-22[feat] add close method for http agentdrebs
2015-07-21[feature] add global flag for disabling the events frameworkKali Kaneko
2015-07-20[bug] do not add a port string to non-tcp addressesKali Kaneko
2015-07-20[refactor] remove use of reactor in threaded version of events clientKali Kaneko
2015-07-10[pkg] fold in changes0.4.1Ivan Alejandro
2015-06-26[bug] run callback from thread in events clientdrebs
2015-06-26[bug] allow passing ':0' as port in events addressdrebs
2015-06-15Merge branch 'feature/post-sync-hooks' into developRuben Pollan
2015-06-15[bug] catch missing section header errorKali Kaneko
2015-06-15[feature] utility collect_pluginsKali Kaneko
2015-06-11[bug] remove extraneous data from events logsdrebs
2015-06-08[bug] Makes request method respect a hard limitVictor Shyba
2015-06-03[bug] allow ipc socket typesKali Kaneko
2015-06-03Merge tag '0.4.0' into developIvan Alejandro
2015-06-02[pkg] add pyzmq and txzmq dep versionsdrebs
2015-06-03Merge branch 'shyba/feat/twisted_http_get' into developRuben Pollan
2015-06-02[feat] Make it optional to have a dedicated poolVictor Shyba
2015-06-02[bug] Use BrowserLikePolicyForHTTPS for checkingVictor Shyba
2015-06-01[pkg] fold in changes0.4.0Ivan Alejandro
2015-05-28[bug] use dict keys to iterateVictor Shyba
2015-05-27[feat] add initialization of events to BaseLeapTestRuben Pollan
2015-05-27[feat] refactor events to use ZMQdrebs
2015-05-27[refactor] move http twisted code from soledadRuben Pollan
2015-05-21[bug] get certificate times as UTC, add testsIvan Alejandro
2015-01-26Fold in changes.0.3.10Ivan Alejandro
2015-01-21Consider different possibilities for tmpdir.Ivan Alejandro
2014-12-03Add support for deferreds to memoize_method decoratorRuben Pollan
2014-12-03Extract the environment set up and tear down for testsRuben Pollan
2014-10-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'meskio/feature/cache_invalidation' into developIvan Alejandro
2014-09-16Add invalidation timeout to cacheRuben Pollan
2014-07-18Merge branch 'release-0.3.9'0.3.9Tomás Touceda
2014-07-18Fold in changesTomás Touceda