[tests] ignore .tox folder
[leap_pycommon.git] / src / leap / common / events /
2016-07-11 drebs[test] toxify tests
2016-03-24 Kali Kaneko[doc] update event annotation
2016-03-24 Kali KanekoMerge remote-tracking branch 'leapcode/pr/139' into...
2016-03-16 Christoph Kluenter[bug] close TxAuthenticator properly
2016-03-09 Kali Kaneko[style] pep8
2016-02-29 Kali Kaneko[tests] adapt events tests to recent changes
2016-02-29 Kali Kaneko[feature] reactor-based authenticator
2016-02-23 Kali Kaneko[bug] avoid the events server to block twistd daemon
2016-02-22 Kali Kaneko[feature] optional flag to disable curve authentication
2016-02-18 meskio on windows[feat] Get events working on windows
2015-12-07 Kali Kaneko[refactor] reorder and comment events
2015-10-21 Folker BernittWorkaround for deadlock problem in zmq auth
2015-10-07 Ivan Alejandro[bug] consider STANDALONE for the paths
2015-09-16 Kali Kaneko[refactor] move checking flag to main module
2015-09-16 Folker Bernitt[tests] Make txclient honor flags.EVENTS_ENABLED
2015-09-15 Kali Kaneko[feat] expose async events in api
2015-07-29 Victor Shyba[bug] register and unregister controlled by flag
2015-07-29 Victor Shyba[refactor] Extract flags check to caller
2015-07-28 Victor Shyba[bug] Consider events flag when ensuring client
2015-07-21 Kali Kaneko[feature] add global flag for disabling the events...
2015-07-20 Kali Kaneko[bug] do not add a port string to non-tcp addresses
2015-07-20 Kali Kaneko[refactor] remove use of reactor in threaded version...
2015-06-26 drebs[bug] run callback from thread in events client
2015-06-26 drebs[bug] allow passing ':0' as port in events address
2015-06-11 drebs[bug] remove extraneous data from events logs
2015-06-03 Kali Kaneko[bug] allow ipc socket types
2015-05-28 Victor Shyba[bug] use dict keys to iterate
2015-05-27 drebs[feat] refactor events to use ZMQ
2014-07-18 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.9' 0.3.9
2014-07-08 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/meskio/doc...
2014-07-04 Ruben PollanUpdate documentation about events/proto
2014-06-06 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.8' 0.3.8
2014-05-29 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/drebs/featur...
2014-05-02 drebsAdd soledad sync status signals (#5517).
2014-04-04 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.7' 0.3.7
2014-03-18 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/drebs/featur...
2014-03-18 drebsAdd Soledad invalid auth token event (#5191).
2013-09-20 Ivan AlejandroMerge branch 'release-0.3.3' 0.3.3
2013-09-19 Kali KanekoMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs-github/bug/3515_eve...
2013-09-09 drebsFix events exception raising when ensuring server....
2013-09-06 Ivan AlejandroMerge branch 'release-0.3.2'
2013-09-03 Ivan AlejandroMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/renew-testing...
2013-09-03 Ivan AlejandroMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/renew-testing...
2013-09-03 Ivan AlejandroMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/fix-exception...
2013-09-03 Kali Kanekochange verbosity level in logging
2013-09-03 Kali Kanekocosmetic changes to imports
2013-09-03 Kali KanekoFix Exception use
2013-08-23 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.1'
2013-08-20 Kali KanekoMerge remote-tracking branch 'chiiph-github/feature...
2013-08-19 Tomás ToucedaAdd IMAP_UNREAD_MAIL event
2013-08-16 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/feature/imap_keymana...
2013-08-16 Kali Kanekoadd new events for imap and keymanager
2013-08-15 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/3464_make...
2013-08-15 drebsAdd events for SMTP signaling.
2013-08-15 drebsForce protobuf version to >=2.4.1.
2013-08-14 Kali KanekoMerge remote-tracking branch 'chiiph-github/bug/ensure_...
2013-08-14 Tomás ToucedaMake ensure_server async
2013-07-26 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.2.7'
2013-07-25 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/bug/3261-fix-events...
2013-07-25 drebsFix events doc about reqcbk signature. Closes #3261
2013-07-25 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'ivan/feature/add-leap...
2013-07-25 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/3246-refact...
2013-07-24 drebsAdd doc and tests about events sync/async behaviour.
2013-07-24 drebsTrying to init events server raises when given port...
2013-07-24 drebsRefactor events so components become clients.
2013-06-28 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.2.5'
2013-06-28 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'master' into release-0.2.5
2013-06-21 Tomas ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2602-remove...
2013-06-19 Tomas ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2696-implem...
2013-06-13 drebsAdd possibility of unregistering in events mechanism.
2013-05-29 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2341-use...
2013-05-28 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/allow-absolute...
2013-05-28 Kali Kanekochange docstring comments to use sphinx style
2013-05-23 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/more-compact...
2013-05-22 Kali Kanekomake more compact debug info by truncating strings
2013-05-16 drebsFix pep8 style.
2013-04-11 Kali KanekoAdd compiled proto
2013-04-11 Kali KanekoAdd option to compile services
2013-04-11 Kali Kanekoadd RAISE_WINDOW event
2013-04-11 Tomas ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/fix-imports...
2013-04-11 Kali Kanekoadd debug info about server port
2013-04-11 Kali Kanekofix deprecation warnings; add debug info
2013-04-08 Tomas ToucedaAdd missing import for socket and forward signal()s...
2013-04-02 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/events...
2013-04-01 drebsAdd README and changes file for events mechanism.
2013-04-01 drebsAdd tests for events mechanism.
2013-04-01 drebsAdd events module with basic API.
2013-04-01 drebsAdd support for components in events mechanism.
2013-04-01 drebsAdd a server for events mechanism.
2013-04-01 drebsAdd protobuf definition for events messages and services.
2013-03-22 drebsAdd tests for registering signals.
2013-03-22 drebsAdd service for receiving signal.
2013-03-22 drebsAdd callback registering.
2013-03-22 drebsChange protobuf message name.