Fix memoize decorator: raise instead of storing None
[leap_pycommon.git] / src / leap / common / tests /
2013-07-26 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.2.7'
2013-07-25 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/bug/3261-fix-events...
2013-07-25 drebsFix events doc about reqcbk signature. Closes #3261
2013-07-25 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'ivan/feature/add-leap...
2013-07-25 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/3246-refact...
2013-07-24 drebsAdd doc and tests about events sync/async behaviour.
2013-07-24 drebsTrying to init events server raises when given port...
2013-07-24 drebsRefactor events so components become clients.
2013-07-12 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.2.6'
2013-07-09 Ivan AlejandroMerge branch 'feature/assert_coverage' into develop
2013-07-08 Tomás ToucedaAdd tests for leap_assert*
2013-06-28 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.2.5'
2013-06-28 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'master' into release-0.2.5
2013-06-21 Tomas ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2602-remove...
2013-06-19 Tomas ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2696-implem...
2013-06-13 drebsAdd possibility of unregistering in events mechanism.
2013-06-05 drebsMove symmetric encryption code to leap.soledad.
2013-05-30 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2683-move... release/v0.2.5 0.2.5
2013-05-29 drebsRemove keymanager from this repository.
2013-05-29 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2341-use...
2013-05-28 drebsFix wrong iv test to account for new form of iv.
2013-05-28 drebsUse indexes to fetch keys.
2013-05-23 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/more-compact...
2013-05-21 drebsRemove openpgp symmetric encryption.
2013-05-20 drebsAdapt get_key() and send_key() to the spec.
2013-05-20 Kali Kanekouse temporary openpgpwrapper as a context manager
2013-05-18 drebsAdapt keymanager tests for latest Soledad api.
2013-05-16 drebsAdd crypto submodule that handles AES-256-CTR encryption.
2013-05-16 drebsFix pep8 style.
2013-05-14 drebsAdd dependency on soledad and install tests.
2013-05-13 Tomas ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2488-openpg...
2013-05-11 drebsEncrypt/decrypt can also sign/verify.
2013-05-09 drebsAdd sign/verify to keymanager's openpgp.
2013-05-03 Tomas ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/key-manager...
2013-05-03 drebsAdd tests for key management remote methods.
2013-05-03 Tomas ToucedaVarious fixes
2013-04-29 drebsRemove gpg reference on Soledad usage.
2013-04-27 drebsUse 'requests' module in KeyManager.
2013-04-27 drebsAdd key refreshing for KeyManager.
2013-04-23 drebsRefactor, fixes, add api, tests.
2013-04-22 drebsAdd send_keys() and refresh_keys() to Key Manager.
2013-04-20 drebsMake keymanager OpenPGP wrapper store using Soledad.
2013-04-15 drebsAdd basic openpgp key handling to Key Manager
2013-04-11 Tomas ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/fix-imports...
2013-04-02 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/events...
2013-04-01 drebsAdd tests for events mechanism.