[feature] reactor-based authenticator
[leap_pycommon.git] / src / leap / common / events / zmq_components.py
2016-02-29 Kali Kaneko[feature] reactor-based authenticator
2016-02-23 Kali Kaneko[bug] avoid the events server to block twistd daemon
2016-02-22 Kali Kaneko[feature] optional flag to disable curve authentication
2015-10-21 Folker BernittWorkaround for deadlock problem in zmq auth
2015-10-07 Ivan Alejandro[bug] consider STANDALONE for the paths
2015-07-20 Kali Kaneko[bug] do not add a port string to non-tcp addresses
2015-06-26 drebs[bug] allow passing ':0' as port in events address
2015-06-03 Kali Kaneko[bug] allow ipc socket types
2015-05-27 drebs[feat] refactor events to use ZMQ