[tests] adapt events tests to recent changes
[leap_pycommon.git] / src / leap / common / decorators.py
2014-12-03 Ruben PollanAdd support for deferreds to memoize_method decorator
2014-10-06 Ivan AlejandroMerge remote-tracking branch 'meskio/feature/cache_inva...
2014-09-16 Ruben PollanAdd invalidation timeout to cache
2014-04-04 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.7' 0.3.7
2013-12-19 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/kali/bug...
2013-12-19 Kali Kanekoadd cache invalidation
2013-12-19 Kali KanekoFix memoize decorator: raise instead of storing None
2013-12-17 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/kali/feature...
2013-12-17 Kali KanekoAdd a memoize_method decorator