2017-11-23 Micah AndersonDocs: Update docs to prepare for 0.10.0 release
2017-11-17 VaracBug: Fix unattended-upgrades for LEAP debs
2017-11-16 VaracCI: Run leap info,allow pre-migration test to fail
2017-11-16 VaracCI: Show LEAP apt source
2017-11-16 Micah AndersonCI: fix soledad version number
2017-11-16 Micah AndersonCI: Change the soledad test to run before webapp
2017-11-16 VaracDocs: Fixed gitlab-runner ssh-key env variable
2017-11-09 Micah AndersonCI: produce CI-useful output for soledad test
2017-11-09 Micah AndersonCI: do soledad migration during upgrade test
2017-11-08 Azulwebapp: alert on 409 responses
2017-10-31 Micah AndersonBug: fix repository layout
2017-10-24 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'my0xacab/feat/v3_hs'
2017-10-20 Azulwebapp: update design docs for sorted invite codes
2017-10-19 Micah AndersonCI: fix variable names, abstract ssh setup
2017-10-17 Micah AndersonBug: replace single provider key with an unique one
2017-10-07 Micah Andersongit subrepo pull puppet/modules/tor
2017-10-07 Micah Andersonfeat: add v3 tor hidden service support
2017-10-06 Micah AndersonBug: Remove unused class
2017-10-05 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'kwadronaut/platform-8862'
2017-10-05 Micah AndersonFeat: Refactor tor services
2017-10-05 Micah AndersonBug: Ensure tor exit is disabled properly
2017-10-05 elijahFeat: split tor service into three
2017-10-03 kwadronautBug: jessie apt keys stable/experimental/staging
2017-09-28 VaracFeat: Use version branches for webapp + nickserver
2017-09-28 kwadronautBug: jessie apt keys must be in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d
2017-09-28 VaracCI: Test staging deb repo component
2017-09-28 VaracCI: Fix caching between jobs
2017-09-28 VaracLint: site_config/manifests/setup.pp
2017-09-26 VaracUse right domain name to renew certs
2017-09-26 VaracAdd cert renewal to production deployments
2017-09-13 VaracCI: Use master branch for demo.bitmask.net deploy
2017-09-08 kwadronautBug: remove shared couchdb design docs
2017-09-06 elijahDocs: fix instructions for signing git commits
2017-09-06 elijahBug: fix vpn network problem caused by vagrant fact
2017-08-28 elijahbugfix: fix `leap test init`
2017-08-23 elijahBug: fix hidden service for static
2017-08-23 VaracMerge remote-tracking branch 'elijah_acab/bugfix/testco...
2017-08-19 elijahleap_cli: minor help wording correction
2017-08-18 elijahBug: allow `leap test --continue` to run on additional...
2017-07-27 Micah AndersonBug: allow old client to connect to VPN
2017-07-27 Micah AndersonCI: fix provider checkout
2017-07-26 Micah AndersonCI: Cleanup and enhance to specify platform branch
2017-07-26 kwadronautMerge branch 'micah/platform-commit_template'
2017-07-25 Micah AndersonStyle: remove tabs, fix language to fit template
2017-07-18 elijahby default, new providers will now require invites...
2017-07-16 VaracUpdate tests/platform-ci/README.md how to run platform...
2017-07-16 VaracUse unqualified path to bundler
2017-07-13 Micah Andersonbug: Set .placeholder to fix removal
2017-07-13 Micah AndersonEnsure directory has proper owner/group (#8841)
2017-07-11 kwadronautStyle: updates a git commit template
2017-07-04 Micah AndersonFix non-existent CI variable CI_COMMIT_REF (#8844)
2017-07-04 Micah AndersonAdditional fix for CI cache failure
2017-07-04 Micah AndersonFix upgrade_test failure.
2017-07-04 elijahleap_cli - make fog gem optional
2017-07-01 Varac[CI] Fix node name for local tests
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Run bundle install after checking out different...
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Add upgrade tests to ci-build.sh
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Fail when CI_JOB_NAME is not recognized
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Move more commands into functions
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Use CI_JOB_NAME to determine what action to take
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Add upgrade platform CI test
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Run setup.sh when running CI tests locally
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Check for mandatory env variables on platform...
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Pin leap_cli so fog-aws is installed
2017-06-29 VaracMerge branch 'python_cryptography'
2017-06-28 elijahplatform test - pin ruby version to 2.1.10 when using...
2017-06-28 elijahstatic - gracefully handle incorrect static site configs
2017-06-27 VaracPin python-cryptography to jessie-backports
2017-06-27 VaracInstall python-treq from strech on jessie nodes
2017-06-27 VaracMerge branch 'remove_keymanager_dep'
2017-06-27 VaracMerge branch 'fix_unattended_upgrades'
2017-06-27 VaracDon't depend on leap-keymanager anymore
2017-06-26 VaracAdd manual deploy test for master branch
2017-06-26 VaracLint .gitlab-ci.yml
2017-06-26 VaracMerge branch 'ci_fail_when_tests_break'
2017-06-24 VaracAdd configured apt component to the unattended-upgrades...
2017-06-23 VaracUse stdbuf instead of unbuffer for CI timestamping
2017-06-23 VaracUse default apt component for CI
2017-06-22 VaracMerge branch 'delay_apt_hardstate'
2017-06-22 VaracMerge branch 'disable_nagios_notifications'
2017-06-22 VaracDelay hard state of the nagios APT check
2017-06-21 VaracUse apt master component for LEAP packages
2017-06-17 VaracStop sending mails for nagios alerts
2017-06-17 VaracRenewed commercial cert for platform CI
2017-06-16 Varac[CI] Use older commit for puppet-catalog-test
2017-06-16 Varac[CI] Use master branch of leap_cli
2017-05-31 varacRemove .mailmap, dont leak email addresses
2017-05-30 elijahstatic - support for renewing certs with let's encrypt...
2017-05-23 varacMerge remote-tracking branch 'leap_acab/merge-requests/89'
2017-05-23 kwadronautMerge branch 'varac/platform-vagrant_private_networking'
2017-05-23 varac[vagrant] Don't block eth0 if eth1 is configured
2017-05-23 varacInclude site_config::vagrant on vagrant nodes
2017-05-23 varac[vagrant] Lint vagrant.pp
2017-05-23 varac[vagrant] Use private networking IP from eth1 if present
2017-05-23 varac[vagrant] Move $OPTS to vagrant config
2017-05-23 varacLint configure-leap.sh
2017-05-23 varac[vagrant] Use private networking for direct acces
2017-05-23 varac[vagrant] Use eth1 on vagrant if present
2017-05-19 kwadronautgenerate missing ssh host keys on node init (closes...
2017-05-19 kwadronautmakes sure locales packages is installed before locale...