Docs: Fixed gitlab-runner ssh-key env variable
[leap_platform.git] / .gitlab-ci.yml
2017-09-28 VaracCI: Test staging deb repo component
2017-09-28 VaracCI: Fix caching between jobs
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Add upgrade platform CI test
2017-06-30 Varac[CI] Run when running CI tests locally
2017-06-27 VaracMerge branch 'fix_unattended_upgrades'
2017-06-26 VaracAdd manual deploy test for master branch
2017-06-26 VaracLint .gitlab-ci.yml
2017-06-26 VaracMerge branch 'ci_fail_when_tests_break'
2017-06-23 VaracUse stdbuf instead of unbuffer for CI timestamping
2017-05-10 Micah Andersonfix CI image location
2017-05-06 varacAdd timestamps to all platform deploys
2017-05-03 varacMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/merge-requests/80'
2017-05-03 varacMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-02 micahMerge branch 'bug/fix_ci_deploy' into 'master'
2017-05-02 Micah AndersonLimit deployment to leap/master (Closes...
2017-04-27 varacMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/merge-requests/77'
2017-04-27 Micah Andersonchange environment names to match
2017-04-27 varacImprove (Closes #8771)
2017-04-25 Micah AndersonAdd a production environment for demovpn, demomail
2017-04-25 Micah AndersonFix the pipefail by putting ts inside of
2017-04-25 Micah AndersonSwitch to using new docker location for ruby image
2017-04-25 Micah AndersonCI: deploy_test should run for MRs, but not when merged...
2017-04-20 Micah AndersonEnhance for latest CI builds.
2017-02-06 VaracMerge branch 'dont_run_bundle_install_in_parallel'...
2017-01-31 varacPlatform CI: Dont run bundle install in parallel
2016-11-04 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'develop'
2016-10-18 varacUse docker for CI testing
2016-10-18 varacAdd timestamps to build output
2016-09-01 elijahfix paths for gitlab ci
2016-07-16 varacUse bin/ as build script
2016-07-15 varacdestoy VMs after successful build
2016-07-14 varacUse bundled version of leap_cli for tests
2016-07-14 MicahRemove submodule command from .gitlab-ci.yml
2016-07-12 elijahMerge branch 'fix_subrepo_behavior' of https://github...
2016-07-05 elijahMerge branch '8021_rsyslog' of
2016-07-05 varacPolish platform buils config file
2016-07-05 varacrenenable global before_script in .gitlab-ci.yml
2016-07-05 varacUpdate .gitlab-ci.yml and build config for local builds
2016-06-30 varacdirectly call in build job
2016-06-28 varacdont run default before_script for build stage
2016-06-27 varacDon't use docker for platform ci builds
2016-06-16 MicahMerge branch '0.8.1' into develop
2016-06-16 varacdisable rspec stage, add build stage
2016-06-14 varacadded catalog test to .gitlab-ci.yml
2016-06-13 varacMerge branch 'gitlab-ci' into develop
2016-06-12 varacadd initial .gitlab-ci.yml