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2017-01-05 elijahMerge branch 'feature/node-disable'
2017-01-05 elijahMerge branch 'feature/ping'
2016-12-23 VaracMerge branch 'update-soledad-tests' into 'master'
2016-12-23 VaracUpdate with master build badge
2016-11-04 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'develop'
2016-10-11 varacAdd instructions for running tests
2016-09-08 varacMerge branch 'clamd_dependencies' into develop
2016-09-08 varacMerge branch 'check_mk_add_services' into develop
2016-09-07 varacUpdate contributing docs regarding CI
2016-08-30 elijahUpdated (very out of date) docs and
2016-06-17 varacNew Build Badge from for master branch
2016-06-16 varacNew Build Badge from
2016-05-10 MicahMerge tag '0.8.0'
2015-12-16 varac[docs] Use for build status badge
2015-11-27 varacMerge branch 'master' of
2015-11-12 kwadronautMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into...
2015-10-26 varacAdd Jenkins Embeddable Build Status Icon
2015-06-11 Micah AndersonMerge tag '0.7.0'
2015-04-22 varacupdate known issues with a link to leap_mx known issues
2015-04-08 varacMerge branch 'feature/6645' into 'develop'
2015-04-07 varacMerge branch '6749_leap_couch_stats' into develop
2015-04-06 elijahMerge branch 'bugfix/static' into develop
2015-04-06 elijahMerge branch 'feature/changes' into develop
2015-04-01 elijahadded
2015-03-17 varacupdated to point to installation doc of puppe...
2015-03-17 varacupdated with contributing section how to...
2015-01-06 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch guido/develop' into develo...
2015-01-06 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cz8s/check_dhcp' into...
2015-01-05 varacupdated link to quickstart tutorial
2014-09-15 Micah Andersontests: add 'ignore' command to tests
2014-09-03 varacMerge branch 'master' into develop
2014-08-21 Micah AndersonMerge tag '0.5.3'
2014-08-21 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'varac/5998_fix_nagios_nod...
2014-08-19 Micah AndersonUpdate README to make note about known issues so versio...
2014-06-25 elijahMerge branch 'develop' into feature/couch
2014-06-22 elijahMerge branch 'feature/webapp' into develop
2014-06-19 Micah Andersonupdate known issues to remove service separation issue...
2014-05-22 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'develop' (0.5.1) 0.5.1
2014-05-08 Micah Andersonadd known issues, making this the canonical place,...
2014-04-22 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'develop' (0.5.0)
2013-11-19 elijahcleaned up README, fixed links
2013-07-09 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' 0.2.2
2013-07-03 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'feature/documentation_update' into leap
2013-07-03 Micah AndersonCopy the current state of the platform documentation...
2013-07-03 Micah AndersonUpdate README to guide a user through a basic understan...
2013-02-27 kwadronautlanguage in the Readme
2013-02-19 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/v0.2.0' 0.2.0
2013-02-08 varacupdated README, added LICENSE
2012-11-16 elijahMerge branch 'develop' of ssh://
2012-11-15 Micah Andersonfix node configuration suffix and provide more informat...
2012-11-08 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-11-06 Micah Andersonupdate README to provide additional information about...
2012-11-06 varacupdated
2012-11-06 varacupdated
2012-10-30 varacMerge branch 'develop' into feature/couchdb
2012-10-25 varacREADME: git clone should use git: instead of ssh:
2012-10-25 varacmoved to develop
2012-10-25 KwadronautAdding getting started content, needs more cleanup
2012-10-24 KwadronautAdding getting started content, needs more cleanup
2012-10-13 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-09-26 Leap AdminsRestructure branch couchdb
2012-09-26 Leap AdminsRestructuring branch openvpn
2012-09-26 Leap AdminsRestructure develop branch to have master as ancestor origin/develop
2012-09-26 Micah Andersonadd initial