2014-12-01 elijahreorganize the platform pages
2014-11-25 varacupdated documentation on customizing puppet
2014-11-22 Micah Andersonadd known issue about kernel upgrade making tun/tap...
2014-11-21 varacadded the use of leap_cli:develop
2014-11-20 Micah Andersonfix formatting of command
2014-11-20 Micah AndersonUpdate known issues
2014-11-19 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jn9999...
2014-11-18 varacupdated docs/platform/tests.md and included it into...
2014-11-18 Johan NilssonUse the recently created OpenVPN configuration file...
2014-11-18 varacdocument log monitoring and -purging (Bug #6174)
2014-11-11 elijahadded draft tests page, to be expanded upon
2014-11-04 kwadronautno package yet for 14.10, should be there soon though
2014-11-04 kwadronautadding support for Ubuntu 14.10
2014-11-01 kwadronautupdate download urls for client (closes #6291) and...
2014-10-22 elijahadded faq item about unattended upgrades
2014-10-20 Micah Andersonstop suggesting the develop branch for the quickstart...
2014-10-15 elijahremove trailing spaces
2014-10-15 drebsUpdate Soledad doc.
2014-10-08 Ivan AlejandroList recognized polkit agents and remove old issues.
2014-10-06 elijahplatform docs: updated commands, removed config items...
2014-09-23 varacadded first version of single node quick start guide...
2014-09-23 varacMerge branch 'master' of ssh://code.leap.se/leap_doc
2014-09-23 varacupdated vagrant notes in development.md
2014-08-20 Ivan AlejandroAdd --always-unzip option to avoid import errors.
2014-08-15 Ivan AlejandroMove automagic method to top.
2014-08-15 Johan NilssonThe screencasts disappeared. shelr.tv is down.
2014-08-11 Micah Andersonfix minor spelling error
2014-08-11 varacupdated vagrant-libvirt documentaion
2014-08-04 Ivan AlejandroUpdate developer instructions.
2014-07-29 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'ivan/update-supported-os'
2014-07-29 Micah Andersonupdate debian package supported releases
2014-07-23 elijahadded whiteout link to hard-problems
2014-07-03 Ivan AlejandroUpdate supported OS versions.
2014-06-29 elijahhard-problems: listed other projects similar to soledad
2014-06-29 elijahupdated hard-problems
2014-06-11 varacadded couchdb.md
2014-06-11 varacMerge branch 'master' of ssh://code.leap.se/leap_doc
2014-06-11 varacadded shared folder documentation
2014-05-22 elijahfix link to TUF security page.
2014-05-22 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leap.se/leap_doc
2014-05-12 kwadronautupdate vagrant version: usually too old in distribution...
2014-05-09 elijahs/secure email/secure email report
2014-05-08 Micah Andersonadd some additional information about resource requirem...
2014-05-05 micahMerge pull request #9 from bruo/master
2014-05-05 guidoUpdated docs to reflect issues of bug #5601
2014-05-05 AzulCapitalize Design Docs properly and make them a h2
2014-05-05 Azulremove github specific code block style
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2014-05-05 Azulmove webapp documentation into the docs
2014-05-05 azulMerge pull request #7 from azul/tapicero
2014-04-29 elijahrefreshed secure-email from upstream
2014-04-28 elijahpull secure-email from upstream
2014-04-27 elijahadded brief mention of ZRTP
2014-04-27 elijahexpanded the key validation problem to be a general...
2014-04-27 elijahadded services <> node type table.
2014-04-27 elijahadded secure email report.
2014-04-23 guidoFix typo?
2014-04-23 guidoAdded OX 10.9 to working combinations.
2014-04-23 guidoMac OS X 10.9 Requeriments section
2014-04-22 Micah Andersonfix link(?)
2014-04-22 Micah Andersonadd link to list archives
2014-04-22 drebsFix typ0 on pt-br translation.
2014-04-16 drebsMore correcions in pt-br translation.
2014-04-15 drebsCorretions and update to pt-br translation.
2014-04-10 azulEmphazise usage within leap platform for tapicero
2014-04-10 azulAdd database setup section to overview
2014-04-10 azulAdd tapicero to menu
2014-04-10 azulCreate tapicero.md
2014-04-09 azulUpdate databases list, add tapicero to misc
2014-04-09 Ivan AlejandroUpdate instructions for developers.
2014-04-03 Micah Andersonclarify that you should not run any commands as a privi...
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2014-03-14 Ivan AlejandroFix style and section name.
2014-03-14 Ivan AlejandroUpdate testing section.
2014-03-14 Ivan AlejandroAdd automagic helper script.
2014-03-14 Ivan AlejandroUpdate Hacking instructions.
2014-03-14 Ivan AlejandroRemove some user docs in favor of dl.bitmask.net
2014-03-07 Sean LeonardAdd "Dynamic OpenVPN configuration" in Android section...
2014-02-13 elijahupdated project ideas
2014-02-13 kwadronautremove '#leap-dev' from communication channels, since...
2014-02-03 elijahadded note on how pond does routing
2014-01-30 varacadded stunnel section for MX and couch nodes
2014-01-28 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'lelutin/feature/vagrant_n...
2014-01-24 elijahadded link to firefox sync
2014-01-20 varacupdated troubleshooting.md
2014-01-04 varacadded the limitation that one can't deploy mx+webapp...
2013-12-27 Ivan AlejandroAdd known issues document for the client.
2013-12-24 elijah* updated git urls
2013-12-17 varacfix code blocks after a bullet point (#4397)
2013-12-13 Micah Andersonadd quantal/raring to available client packages that...
2013-12-12 Micah Andersonremove warning about outdated debian packages, add...
2013-12-12 Micah Andersonremove known issue about needing to order couch/webapp...
2013-12-09 elijahupdated hard-problems text
2013-12-06 Ivan AlejandroFix list format and add reference to bug report section.
2013-12-06 Ivan AlejandroImprove bundle testing section.
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