Create seperate root and swap disks
[leap_cloudadmin.git] / create-guest-with-cloudinit
2013-01-10 varacCreate seperate root and swap disks
2012-12-18 varacmove /etc/cloudinit to /etc/libvirt/local/cloudinit
2012-12-11 Kwadronautbug 1065, fix locale issues with virsh and virt-clone
2012-11-13 varacsleeping before cloning seems to work better
2012-10-16 varacsilence csplit
2012-10-16 varacsuppress sfdisk warnings
2012-10-16 varacmeta-data support, working
2012-10-12 varacminor fixes
2012-10-12 varacMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-10-12 varacbetter cmd line parameter parsing
2012-10-11 Kwadronautfix escaping
2012-10-10 varacdisk size values
2012-10-10 varacuse KVM_URI='qemu:///system' as default
2012-10-10 varacadded config file, possible to clone from remote kvm...
2012-10-09 varaccall helper scripts from git working dir
2012-10-09 varacinitial commit, create-guest-with-cloudinit + helper...