Use master branches for platform on CI
[leap_cli.git] / lib /
2017-07-31 kwadronautfixes #1 correct url for options in Leapfile
2017-06-30 elijahleap new -- when generating initial provider.json,...
2017-06-28 elijahActually, should be release 1.9.2
2017-06-28 elijahVersion 1.9.1 release
2017-06-27 elijahremove submodule stuff. yeah.
2017-06-27 elijahnew command - clone stable branch of platform, not
2016-10-05 elijahMerge branch 'develop'
2016-09-01 elijahupdate version pinning for new platform release 1.8
2016-09-01 elijahprint friendly message if leap_platform is too old...
2016-08-31 elijahadded acme-client gem
2016-08-19 elijahMerge branch 'rake_install' of
2016-08-16 elijahlog short host names
2016-08-02 elijahpin dependency to platform 0.9
2016-07-21 elijahlinting
2016-07-21 elijahinclude support for AWS via fog
2016-07-20 elijahtest: added test of quick start tutorial commands
2016-07-12 Christophadd a way to find out if we are dealing with a git...
2016-07-04 elijahfix tests
2016-07-04 elijahbugfix: better coloring of log lines that wrap
2016-07-01 elijahMerge branch 'feature/newcli' into develop
2016-06-29 elijahremoved unused capistrano file
2016-06-29 elijahmove everything we can to leap_platform/lib/leap_cli
2016-06-29 elijahremove capistrano logger, new log filtering
2016-06-28 elijahmv sshkey to platform
2016-06-27 elijahremove capistrano, switch to sshkit
2016-06-25 elijahfix capistrano logging, closes #8215
2016-06-23 elijahfix logging of indented blocks
2016-06-22 elijahbump version to 1.9
2016-06-22 elijahremove dependency on paint gem
2016-06-22 elijahremove highline gem dependency
2016-06-22 elijahvendor base32 gem
2016-06-21 elijahfix ruby deprecation warnings
2016-05-26 elijahensure that local nodes get the 'local' environment.
2016-04-12 elijahmove template() from manager to environment. closes...
2016-04-10 elijahsecrets: fix bug when secrets.json doesn't exist
2016-04-10 elijahfix tests
2016-04-08 elijahenvironments: clean up the json inheritence system...
2016-04-06 elijahensure provider objects in defeault environment have...
2016-03-17 elijahrsync bugfix: ensure that the ssh vagrant private key...
2016-03-17 elijahallow dump of cli options to work with new gli gem.
2016-02-24 elijahMerge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into...
2016-02-24 elijahre-enable @log Leapfile configuration option
2016-02-23 azulMerge pull request #18 from varac/history_show_only_las...
2016-02-21 varac[feat] 'leap history --last' shows only last entry
2016-02-18 elijahadded support for json keys prefixed with '!' for replace.
2016-02-16 elijahadd back required_packages()... not ideal, should be...
2016-02-12 elijahsupport for node_init script
2016-02-01 elijahMerge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into...
2016-02-01 elijahadded manager.template(), used when creating new nodes
2016-02-01 elijahallow for object.dump_json to exclude certain keys
2016-02-01 elijahmake /etc/leap a config option
2016-01-24 varacFilter more puppet 3 uppercase log msgs
2016-01-19 varacadd debug function for "leap debug"
2016-01-13 varac[bug] Fix `chmod 755 /etc/leap` cmd on node init
2016-01-12 Micah Andersonmake /etc/leap readable by everyone (see #7782), this...
2016-01-04 varacMerge pull request #16 from KwadroNaut/develop
2015-12-01 varacread @vagrant_basebox var from Leapfile
2015-11-19 varac[bug] Puppet 3 changed log prefixes to uppercase
2015-11-12 varac[bug] don't install ruby-hiera-puppet on jessie
2015-11-05 varacRevert "for now, only support wheezy"
2015-10-05 elijahfixes bug when environment is not listed in tag
2015-09-10 elijahMerge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into...
2015-09-10 elijahvagrant bugfix: upload the correct vagrant ssh key...
2015-08-20 elijahfix vagrant ssh key path
2015-08-19 elijahminor: better ssh key selection for add-user
2015-08-18 elijahmoved commands to leap_platform
2015-08-18 elijahMerge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into...
2015-08-08 elijahgiver provider objects an env variable.
2015-08-07 elijahadded --basebox flag to `local start`
2015-08-07 elijahadd method to test if a secret has been used.
2015-08-07 elijahversion 1.8 (in progress), pin to platform 0.8
2015-08-07 elijahadded `leap compile firewall`
2015-07-29 elijahdon't use CNAME for the zone file. it advisable to...
2015-07-11 elijahgive correct hint when node must be resolved. closes...
2015-07-11 elijahimprove `leap facts update`. closes bugs #7236 and...
2015-07-09 elijahdie more gracefully if facts.json is corrupted.
2015-06-30 elijahget rid of warnings when running `rake build`
2015-06-29 elijahadd sanity checking to compile (confirm ips are unique...
2015-06-26 elijah`leap ls --print` should return values, not formulas
2015-06-26 elijahensure that `leap` is not run as root.
2015-06-17 elijahadded `leap compile provider.json` (requires platform...
2015-06-16 elijahfix problem with default environment and secrets.json...
2015-06-05 elijahVersion 1.7.3 (same as 1.7.2 but rolling back attempt...
2015-06-04 elijahfor now, only support wheezy
2015-05-06 elijahversion 1.7.2
2015-05-06 elijahfix gli gem version pinning
2015-05-05 elijahMerge branch 'develop'
2015-05-05 kwadronautChanged location of local nodes basebox to hashicorp...
2015-05-05 elijahadded support for secrets.set() with value passed as...
2015-05-05 elijahadd --force to 'leap cert csr'
2015-05-05 elijahproperly bind '' and 'global.tags' in...
2015-05-05 elijahfix bug with using Gem::Version instead of Versionomy
2015-05-05 kwadronautChanged location of local nodes basebox to hashicorp...
2015-05-04 elijahgemspec clean up: remove gems 'tee' and 'versionomy...
2015-05-04 elijahmake gpgme optional
2015-05-04 elijahremove ruby-hiera-puppet from list of required packages...
2015-04-28 elijahbetter platform version incompatibility message (closes...
2015-04-28 elijahfail to compile if you pass it an invalid environment...
2015-04-27 elijahmake self.environment available to Leapfile.
2015-04-27 elijahadded --force