Use master branches for platform on CI
[leap_cli.git] / leap_cli.gemspec
2017-07-04 elijahdepend on net-ssh ~> 4.1 (for ed25519 support)
2017-06-28 elijahremove gem dependencies: make fog-aws optional, and...
2016-10-05 elijahMerge branch 'develop'
2016-09-15 elijahfix ci test
2016-08-31 elijahadded acme-client gem
2016-08-29 elijahpin specific fog-aws gem version
2016-07-21 elijahinclude support for AWS via fog
2016-07-01 elijahMerge branch 'feature/newcli' into develop
2016-06-29 elijahclean up gemspec
2016-06-27 elijahremove capistrano, switch to sshkit
2016-06-22 elijahremove gem 'command_line_reporter'
2016-06-22 elijahroll back gli version
2016-06-22 elijahremove dependency on paint gem
2016-06-22 elijahremove highline gem dependency
2016-06-21 elijahremove ActiveModel and ActiveSupport dependency (yeah!)
2015-06-30 elijahget rid of warnings when running `rake build`
2015-05-06 elijahfix gli gem version pinning
2015-05-05 elijahMerge branch 'develop'
2015-05-04 elijahgemspec clean up: remove gems 'tee' and 'versionomy...
2015-05-04 elijahmake gpgme optional
2014-11-10 elijahpin gem gli to a version we know will work.
2014-11-01 elijahMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-29 elijahpin net-ssh version to 2.7.0. later versions break...
2014-10-28 elijahbetter solution to activesupport dependency problem
2014-10-22 elijahfixed `leap cert csr` to add correct "Requested Extensi...
2014-05-22 elijahMerge branch 'feature/obfsproxy_macros' of https:/...
2014-05-22 irregulatorChange macro name to rand_range, add base32 gem dependency
2014-05-20 elijahssh: modified yet again how ssh is used. pin to a newer...
2014-02-13 elijahattempt to fix issues people have running leap_cli...
2014-02-10 elijahadd bundler/setup to Rakefile, so we don't get minitest...
2013-10-30 varacMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-10-09 varacpin capistrano to 2.x so it doesn't update to 3.0.0...
2013-06-03 elijahnow we require a leap_platform/platform.rb config file.
2013-04-01 elijahswitch license to MIT, required until we stop vendoring...
2013-03-11 elijahrevert gemspec change
2013-03-09 elijahadded rubygems as dev dependency, maybe this will make...
2013-03-01 elijahclean up include paths, require newer rake version.
2013-02-11 elijahremove vagrant as gem dependency
2013-02-09 elijahadd vagrant requirement to to gemspec
2013-02-09 elijahadd runtime dependencies for vendored gems to gemspec
2013-02-07 elijahremove runtime dependency for certificate_authority...
2013-02-02 elijahlogging - output of leap command is now additionally...
2012-12-05 elijahfixed problems with ruby 1.8 and GLI, and added some...
2012-11-29 varacs.add_runtime_dependency => should be >=
2012-11-29 elijahset capistrano dependency at >= 2.13.5
2012-11-25 elijahfixed broken `leap list`
2012-11-15 elijahinclude missing vendor/vagrant_ssh_keys in gem
2012-11-04 elijahbetter path management
2012-11-02 elijahadded some initial tests. yeah.
2012-11-01 elijahx.509 support -- added certificate authority creation...
2012-10-27 elijahauto run 'git submodule update --init' on leap platform...
2012-10-27 elijahswitch to using ya2yaml
2012-10-25 elijahupdated gemspec, removed gemfile.lock
2012-10-25 elijahcreated 'rake build' and 'rake install', updated README.
2012-10-24 elijahinclude vendored files in gemspec
2012-10-23 elijahpatched supply_drop gem and vendored it
2012-10-21 elijahupdated gem requirements
2012-10-18 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-10-14 elijahadded add-user command
2012-10-11 elijahcode cleanup. better support for nested configs and...
2012-10-10 elijahadded highline dependency
2012-10-09 elijahfixed paths