Use master branches for platform on CI
[leap_cli.git] / bin /
2016-10-05 elijahMerge branch 'develop'
2016-10-04 elijah[bug] always log the leap cli command arguments to... develop
2016-07-20 elijahtest: added test of quick start tutorial commands
2016-06-22 elijahremove highline gem dependency
2016-04-26 elijahwhen run as a gem, suppress ruby language warnings...
2015-08-18 elijahmoved commands to leap_platform
2015-06-30 elijahin `leap` command file, try the local libs first, then...
2015-05-05 elijahMerge branch 'develop'
2015-02-25 elijahallow use of byebug
2015-02-03 elijahfixed missing ORIGINAL_ARGV when running with --version
2015-02-03 elijahmore verbose --version (closes #4428)
2014-11-26 elijahmake debugger gem optional
2014-11-25 elijahmoved core_ext and lib_ext under leap_cli
2014-11-01 elijahMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-31 elijahonly spit out stack trace if --debug
2014-10-29 elijahpin net-ssh version to 2.7.0. later versions break...
2014-06-28 elijahleap list improvements: lazy evaluation; don't bomb...
2014-02-10 elijahdifferent secrets for each environment
2013-03-14 elijahadded exit codes for puppet apply
2013-03-01 elijahclean up include paths, require newer rake version.
2013-02-27 elijahinclude leap command invocation in the log file, if...
2013-01-28 elijahadded custom_vagrant_vm_line to Leapfile
2013-01-22 elijahreplaced 'manager.provider' with 'provider'
2012-11-28 elijahcommand name shuffle -- grouped more commands together...
2012-11-25 elijahfixed broken `leap list`
2012-11-15 elijahinherit .json from leap_platform/provider_base
2012-11-04 elijahbetter path management
2012-11-04 elijahadded --print <attr> to "leap list" command.
2012-11-02 elijahfigured out a workaround to make --version work as...
2012-11-01 elijahx.509 support -- added certificate authority creation...
2012-10-25 elijahcreated 'rake build' and 'rake install', updated README.
2012-10-23 elijahpatched supply_drop gem and vendored it
2012-10-21 elijahremove minor duplication
2012-10-10 elijahhierarchical yaml output.
2012-10-09 elijahfixed paths