2013-01-03 Azulrenamed --fill-pool option to --run-once master
2012-12-31 Azulversion 0.2.0 - use leap_ca_daemon now
2012-12-31 Azulrenaming binary to leap_ca_daemon
2012-12-31 Azulinclude functions for retrieving certs from couch
2012-12-19 AzulMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-12-19 Azuladded --fill-pool option
2012-12-17 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leap.se/leap_ca
2012-12-17 Azulwe need couchdb on travis
2012-12-17 Azulhighline seems to be dev dependency too.
2012-12-17 Azulneed rake for running tests
2012-12-17 Azulmatch the cert definition of the webapp
2012-12-16 elijahfixed bugs with cert generation: use yesterday instead...
2012-11-13 elijahfirst fully working version of leap_ca
2012-09-24 Azulported over proper ways of creating certs
2012-09-24 Azuladding yajl dependency
2012-09-20 Azuladded Gemfile and gemspec
2012-09-20 Azulmoved files into own dir and added main leap_ca.rb
2012-09-20 Azulcapified and moved bin to own dir
2012-09-19 Azuldeamonized script
2012-09-11 AzulFilling the pool with up to 10 certs
2012-09-11 Azulconfiguring couchDB the CouchRest way and using that...
2012-09-11 Azuladded config class
2012-09-10 Azulminor set constants for SERVER and DATABASE
2012-09-08 Azulbrought over cert skeleton for filling the pool
2012-09-04 Azuladded test for CouchStream, made url_for protected
2012-09-04 Azuladded first test - requires mocha
2012-09-03 Azulit's not a test - it's the main program
2012-09-03 Azulmoved CouchChanges and CouchStream into their own files
2012-09-03 Azulrefactored the test script
2012-09-03 Azuladding initial couchDB filters
2012-09-02 Azuluse right db and only track new changes
2012-09-01 Azulactually listen to the certs db and print the feed
2012-09-01 Azulvery initial test of tracking couchDB changes