2018-07-12 elijahrender more riseupvpn sizes master
2018-01-18 elijahnew color wheel
2018-01-18 elijahnew vpn status icons
2018-01-18 elijahadded RiseupVPN branding
2018-01-17 elijahupdate bitmask launcher icon
2016-03-29 elijahadded mask logo for pixelated ui
2015-08-21 elijahupdate mac stuff, added mac menu icon.
2015-06-03 elijahadded some original source images
2015-05-25 elijahadded favicon
2015-05-25 elijahadded bitmask sticker, android wireframe, and 200px...
2015-04-24 elijahadded android wireframe
2015-04-24 elijahadded android color vpn icons
2014-11-27 elijahadded masthead, reorganized logo, added android black...
2014-09-26 Parménides GVWe need a feature graphics to update Google Play Store.
2014-08-12 elijahupdated masthead
2014-08-12 elijahadded some mask sources
2014-08-12 elijahicon cleanup
2014-08-12 elijahnew on, off, wait icons. also, rendered at 22x22 instea...
2014-07-30 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leap.se/leap_assets
2014-07-29 Micah Andersonadd missing leap_url stickers
2014-07-29 Micah Andersonadd banner created for HOPE table
2014-07-29 Micah Andersonadd stickers made for hope
2014-07-19 elijahrake
2014-07-08 elijahadded qr codes for android
2014-06-24 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leap.se/leap_assets
2014-06-24 elijahandroid icons: added vpn_progress.png and made mask...
2014-02-24 Sean LeonardAdded "promo" version of masthead graphic for Google...
2014-02-13 elijahadded leap64.png
2014-01-04 elijahadded platform icons for download page
2014-01-04 elijahrecentered rainbow-masthead-small
2014-01-04 elijahcleaned up Rakefile code, added ability to generate...
2013-12-26 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leap.se/leap_assets
2013-12-26 elijahadded letterhead
2013-12-19 Ivan AlejandroAdd bitmask.tiff icon for mac.
2013-12-11 elijahfixed name of linux icons
2013-12-11 elijahadded bitmask launcher icons for linux
2013-11-16 elijahadded mask for webapp
2013-11-14 Tomás ToucedaAdd leap icon used for cocoasudo
2013-10-21 Sean LeonardAndroid mask silhouette icon
2013-09-21 elijahrevamped icons: new status icons, new ui icons, added...
2013-09-20 elijahslight mod to vpn_disconnected
2013-09-20 elijahadded vpn_disconnected icon for android
2013-08-08 elijahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leap.se/leap_assets
2013-08-08 elijahadded bitmask icon
2013-07-13 Sean LeonardUse correct target array for Android small icons
2013-07-05 Sean LeonardSilhouette of kid-jumping for Android notification
2013-07-05 Sean LeonardAdd Android debug build icon and rule in Rakefile
2013-05-30 elijahadded some wireframes
2013-03-14 elijahadded favicon
2013-01-31 Kali Kanekoadd xpm icon
2013-01-26 elijahadded leap-small.png
2013-01-26 elijahadded icons and Rakefile for rendering to svg to png.
2013-01-24 elijahinitial commit.