2017-11-07 Micah Andersonupdate key expirations +67months for EOL of next ubuntu... master
2017-09-22 Micah AndersonMove keyrings from /etc/apt/trusted.gnupg.d to /usr...
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonadd Breaks and remove Conflicts debian/experimental platform-0.9
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonredirect stderr to /dev/null for preinst so unnecessary...
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonrename key files to archive instead of keyring
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonupdate changelog with latest changes
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonadd debian source format
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonuse set -e instead of passing -e to the shell on the...
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonchange changelog author
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonremove duplicate priority in binary package
2016-03-08 Micah Andersonupdate expirations, self-sig on experimental key to...
2016-03-04 Daniel Kahn... overhaul/simplify keyring package
2015-02-26 Micah Andersonmake sure to install the experimental key as well platform-0.8
2015-02-26 Micah Andersonincrease expiration to expire in two years, add experim...
2015-01-30 Micah Andersonprepare a new keyring package platform-0.6
2014-02-07 Micah Andersontouch README to trigger package rebuild
2014-02-07 Micah Andersonupdate archive signing key
2013-10-29 Micah Andersoninitial check-in