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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-30[feat] set fetched keys as Weak Chain if they are not from the same domainRuben Pollan
2015-01-15Port validation levels to enum34Ruben Pollan
2015-01-15upgrade key when signed by old keyRuben Pollan
2015-01-15Upgrade keys if not successfully used and strict high validation levelRuben Pollan
2015-01-15Return a valid error from gatherResultsRuben Pollan
2014-12-16Return the right error on signature verificationRuben Pollan
2014-12-16Find the gpg path instead of hard code itRuben Pollan
2014-12-16Fix key generationRuben Pollan
2014-12-16Port to soledad new async APIRuben Pollan
2014-11-25Return signing key on signature verificationRuben Pollan
2014-11-25Use addresses instead of keys on the public APIRuben Pollan
2014-11-25Fix test to use correct new signature for openpgp.put_ascii_key().drebs
2014-11-19Implement multi uid supportRuben Pollan
2014-11-10Implement the new encryption-key soledad documentRuben Pollan
2014-11-06Use datetime for key expirationRuben Pollan
2014-11-04Merge keys when updating an exisiting keyRuben Pollan
2014-10-23Basic validation levels supportRuben Pollan
2014-10-09Implement 'fetch_key' for ascii keysRuben Pollan
2014-10-09Accept ascii keys on put_keyRuben Pollan
2014-09-16Rename method get_all_keys_in_local_db -> get_all_keysRuben Pollan
2014-09-16Remove get_key_from_cacheRuben Pollan
2014-09-16Remove refresh_keysRuben Pollan
2014-07-25Fix test_send_keyRuben Pollan
2014-01-17Fix failing tests.Ivan Alejandro
2013-11-04Add verification of detached signatures.drebs
2013-10-02Update to use gnupg 1.2.2 module.drebs
2013-08-19Update to new soledad package scheme.drebs
2013-08-08Support bundled GPG and change API.drebs
2013-07-02Move the key manager from leap_client repo to its own repo.drebs