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2016-04-01[pkg] update to versioneer 0.16Kali Kaneko
2015-08-17[style] pep8 fixesKali Kaneko
2015-07-22[pkg] do not add leap deps in develop modeKali Kaneko
it is the responsibility of the developer to install them now - Related: #7288
2015-07-22[pkg] separate leap requirementsKali Kaneko
this is part of a process to make the setup of the development mode less troublesome. from now on, setting up a virtualenv in pure development mode will be as easy as telling pip to just install the external dependencies:: pip install -r pkg/requirements.pip and traversing all the leap repos for the needed leap dependencies doing:: python develop - Related: #7288
2013-10-30add freeze_debianver commandKali Kaneko
2013-08-23Some packaging improvementsKali Kaneko
* versioneer all the things * add parse_requirements
2013-08-19Update to new soledad package scheme.drebs
2013-08-09Bump version toás Touceda
2013-07-12Correct version toás Touceda
2013-07-02Move the key manager from leap_client repo to its own repo.drebs