[feat] Make EncryptionKey aware of the active address
[keymanager.git] / src / leap / keymanager / openpgp.py
2016-02-25 Ruben Pollan[feat] Make EncryptionKey aware of the active address
2016-02-25 Ruben Pollan[feat] Use fingerprints instead of key ids
2016-02-25 Ruben Pollan[feat] move validation, usage and audited date to the...
2016-02-23 Ruben PollanMerge branch 'feat/async_gpg' into develop
2016-02-23 Victor Shyba[feat] defer decrypt, gen_key and encrypt
2015-09-30 Ruben Pollan[feat] self-repair the keyring if keys get duplicated
2015-09-24 Kali Kaneko[refactor] refactor key parsing
2015-09-21 Ruben Pollan[feat] more verbosity in get_key wrong address log
2015-08-17 Kali Kaneko[style] pep8 fix
2015-08-03 Bruno Wagner[style] Re-added lambdas to openpgp on keymanager
2015-08-03 Bruno Wagner[style] Fixed pep8 warnings
2015-02-11 Kali KanekoMerge branch 'feature/async-api' into develop
2015-01-15 Ruben Pollanupgrade key when signed by old key
2015-01-15 Ruben PollanOn key update merge metadata correctly
2014-12-16 Ruben PollanFix key generation
2014-12-16 Ruben PollanPort to soledad new async API
2014-11-26 Ruben PollanReturn signing key on signature verification
2014-11-25 drebsMerge branch 'feature/6299_new_doc' into develop
2014-11-19 Ruben PollanFix comments
2014-11-19 Ruben PollanImplement multi uid support
2014-11-19 Ruben PollanImplement active key document
2014-11-10 Ruben PollanUse type instead of tags to get docs in openpgp
2014-11-10 Ruben PollanImplement the new encryption-key soledad document
2014-11-10 drebsMerge remote-tracking branch 'meskio/feature/6210_key_n...
2014-11-07 Ruben PollanUse datetime for key expiration
2014-11-04 Ruben PollanMerge keys when updating an exisiting key
2014-10-23 Ruben PollanUpdate doc string of OpenPGPScheme._temporary_gpgwrapper
2014-10-23 Ruben PollanBasic validation levels support
2014-10-09 drebsMerge remote-tracking branch 'meskio/feature/5932_fetch...
2014-10-09 Ruben PollanImplement 'fetch_key' for ascii keys
2014-10-09 Ruben PollanMerge branch 'drebs/bug/6022_fix-call-to-verify-file...
2014-08-27 drebsFix call to python-gnupg verify_file() method (#6022).
2014-07-29 drebsMerge branch 'bug/tests-dont-pass' into develop
2014-07-26 Ruben Pollangpg.verify_file() gets the data as a filename not as...
2014-04-04 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.8' 0.3.8
2014-01-20 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/ivan/feature...
2014-01-17 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/ivan/bug...
2014-01-17 Ivan AlejandroRemove unused imports, fix typo.
2014-01-17 Ivan AlejandroDo not decode decrypted data, return as str.
2013-12-17 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/kali/feature...
2013-12-10 Ivan AlejandroMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/fix-typo' into develop
2013-12-10 Kali Kanekotypo
2013-12-09 Ivan AlejandroMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/bug/pep8-cleanup...
2013-12-09 Kali Kanekopep8 cleanup
2013-12-06 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.7' 0.3.7
2013-11-25 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/improve...
2013-11-25 drebsImprove exceptions names and handling.
2013-11-25 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/bug/fix-error-retur...
2013-11-25 drebsFix error returns on openpgp backend.
2013-11-21 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'ivan/bug/4491_remove...
2013-11-21 Ivan AlejandroRemove '+' suffix in email address.
2013-11-21 Ivan AlejandroDo not check for a valid address, rely on client.
2013-11-15 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.6' 0.3.6
2013-11-14 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'ivan/feature/advanced_key...
2013-11-14 Ivan AlejandroExpose openpgp methods in keymanager.
2013-11-13 Ivan AlejandroRefactor code to support parsing ascii keys.
2013-11-11 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'ivan/bug/4427_default...
2013-11-11 Ivan AlejandroUse 'utf-8' as default/fallback encoding.
2013-11-04 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/4375-add...
2013-11-04 drebsRemove key comment on OpenPGP key generation.
2013-11-04 drebsAdd verification of detached signatures.
2013-11-01 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.5' 0.3.5
2013-10-23 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'ivan/bug/4000_support...
2013-10-23 Ivan AlejandroReturn unicode in order to solve encoding issues.
2013-10-18 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.4' 0.3.4
2013-10-06 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/4030_add...
2013-10-06 drebsAdd option to choose cipher and digest algorithms.
2013-10-04 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'release-0.3.3' 0.3.3
2013-10-02 Kali KanekoMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/2342-use...
2013-10-02 drebsUpdate to use gnupg 1.2.2 module.
2013-09-06 Ivan AlejandroMerge branch 'release-0.3.2'
2013-09-01 Kali KanekoMerge remote-tracking branch 'chiiph/bug/several_fixes...
2013-08-30 Tomás ToucedaDo not raise on not 2XX error codes
2013-08-09 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/bug/3397-keymanager...
2013-08-08 drebsFix error in encryption failure logging method.
2013-08-08 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'drebs/feature/3397-keyman...
2013-08-08 drebsSupport bundled GPG and change API.
2013-08-02 Tomás ToucedaMerge remote-tracking branch 'kali/feature/more_debug_i...
2013-08-02 Kali KanekoAdd some logs to be able to follow the key generation.
2013-07-02 drebsMove the key manager from leap_client repo to its own...