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Add verification of detached signatures.
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@@ -340,15 +340,18 @@ class EncryptionScheme(object):
- def verify(self, data, pubkey):
+ def verify(self, data, pubkey, detached_sig=None):
- Verify signed C{data} with C{pubkey}.
+ Verify signed C{data} with C{pubkey}, eventually using
+ C{detached_sig}.
:param data: The data to be verified.
:type data: str
:param pubkey: The public key to be used on verification.
:type pubkey: EncryptionKey
+ :param detached_sig: A detached signature. If given, C{data} is
+ verified against this sdetached signature.
+ :type detached_sig: str
:return: The signed data.
:rtype: str