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@@ -141,16 +141,7 @@ class EncryptionKey(object):
Abstract class for encryption keys.
A key is "validated" if the nicknym agent has bound the user address to a
- public key. Nicknym supports three different levels of key validation:
- * Level 3 - path trusted: A path of cryptographic signatures can be traced
- from a trusted key to the key under evaluation. By default, only the
- provider key from the user's provider is a "trusted key".
- * level 2 - provider signed: The key has been signed by a provider key for
- the same domain, but the provider key is not validated using a trust
- path (i.e. it is only registered)
- * level 1 - registered: The key has been encountered and saved, it has no
- signatures (that are meaningful to the nicknym agent).
+ public key.
__metaclass__ = ABCMeta