2018-01-31 Arne SchwabeEnable OFB and CFB modes (closes #835) master
2018-01-31 Arne SchwabeFix some build script issues.
2018-01-31 Arne SchwabeVersion 0.7.3
2018-01-31 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2018-01-31 Arne SchwabeUpgrade OpenVPN code an EC signing code
2018-01-29 Arne SchwabeChange ovpn3 into normal and normal into noovpn3
2018-01-26 Mark SaysonUpdates to spelling/grammar in developer docs
2018-01-26 Arne Schwabeuse schwabe in gitmodules so forks works
2018-01-26 Arne SchwabeRemove old build instructions/scripts (closes #830)
2018-01-20 Arne SchwabeFiddle with log level
2018-01-18 Arne SchwabeUse OpenVPN for Android own route emulation
2018-01-17 Arne SchwabeFix travis building
2018-01-17 Arne SchwabeRemove unneeded includes
2018-01-17 Arne SchwabeImplement jb crypto hack with dlsym and dlopen
2018-01-17 Arne SchwabeSimplify DNS/DNS6 handling
2018-01-17 Arne SchwabeMove config away fro openvpn repo
2018-01-16 Arne SchwabeVersion 0.7.1
2018-01-16 Arne SchwabeImplement ecdsa certificate signing for OpenVPN 2.x
2018-01-16 Arne SchwabeFix Clang warnings in OpenVPN2
2018-01-16 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2018-01-16 Arne SchwabeClarify strings
2018-01-16 Arne SchwabeDon't ignore redirect gateway from OpenVPN3 (closes...
2018-01-15 Arne SchwabeEnd service correctly with OpenVPN 2 (closes #822)
2018-01-14 Arne SchwabeAdd reporting of GIT version to cmake and OpenVPN3
2018-01-14 Arne SchwabeMore string fixes
2018-01-13 Arne SchwabeVersion 0.7.0
2018-01-13 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2018-01-13 Arne Schwabefix filter
2018-01-13 Arne SchwabeMore fixes for OpenVPN3 (end service on disconnect)
2018-01-12 Arne SchwabeDEPENDS on custom command does not seem to work with...
2018-01-11 Arne SchwabeOnly build openvpn3 swig files when building openvpn3
2018-01-11 Arne SchwabeMInor build fixes and simpler lzo cmake file
2018-01-03 Arne SchwabeMore fixes for the new gradle/cmake build system
2017-12-27 Arne SchwabeMinor fixes from crashes, fix lint issues
2017-12-27 Arne SchwabeAdd OpenVPN3 to build, change build system to cmake
2017-12-24 Arne SchwabeDemote notification channel priority (closes #768)
2017-12-24 Arne SchwabeImplement remote actions
2017-11-27 Arne SchwabeBuild tool versions
2017-11-27 Arne SchwabeNew NDK and OpenSSL Speed test
2017-11-27 Arne SchwabeIgnroe our own always generated config items (closes...
2017-11-27 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2017-11-16 Arne SchwabeUpdate README.md
2017-11-11 sceneqAccept from the content scheme
2017-09-12 Dániel ZolnaiFix rare crash with LogFragment
2017-07-31 Arne SchwabeClarify how the files names should look like
2017-07-31 Arne SchwabeSilently ignore parsing error if DNS server looks like...
2017-07-26 Arne SchwabeDon't ask for a gateway we don't use and need. (closes...
2017-07-23 Arne Schwaberoute-noulll has no parameter (closes #730)
2017-07-18 Ilya KitaevFix windows 'build-native.bat' (#727)
2017-06-29 Anton VaytulevichAdd short command path when building on Windows
2017-06-29 Anton VaytulevichRemove info on failing Windows build from README
2017-06-29 Anton VaytulevichRewrite build-native.bat to mimic build-native.sh
2017-06-26 Arne SchwabeAdd more info about weak hashes, version 0.6.73 v0.6.73 v0.6.73-production
2017-06-26 Arne SchwabeVersion 0.6.72 v0.6.72 v0.6.72-production
2017-06-25 Arne SchwabeUpdate README.md
2017-06-23 Arne SchwabeVersion 0.6.71 v0.6.71 v0.6.71-production
2017-06-23 Arne SchwabeFix lint errors
2017-06-23 Arne SchwabeHack o rame to let jbcrypto hack work also with OpenSSL 1.1
2017-06-23 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2017-06-23 Arne SchwabeUpdate OpenSSL and OpenVPN versions includes fixes...
2017-06-22 Arne SchwabeUpdate lzo to 2.10
2017-06-20 Arne SchwabeImprove file selection dialog
2017-06-19 Arne SchwabeUpdate break to a ndk 15 friendly version
2017-06-19 Arne SchwabeFix channel being displayed wrong
2017-06-13 Arne SchwabeVersion 0.6.70, the Android O release v0.6.70 v0.6.70-production
2017-06-13 Arne SchwabeIf we use floats don't round to nearest integer
2017-06-13 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2017-06-13 Arne SchwabeAdd back dimensions but not in the silly FP format
2017-06-13 Arne SchwabeAdd proper notification channel support
2017-06-13 Arne SchwabeUpdate travis to match current configuration
2017-06-13 Stephenadd travis builds and travis badge (#587)
2017-06-11 Arne SchwabeAndroid O changes
2017-06-06 Arne SchwabeMore graph fine tuning and show graph when pressing...
2017-06-06 PoussinouAdd buttons to get the app
2017-06-05 Arne SchwabeVersion 0.6.69 v0.6.69
2017-06-05 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2017-06-05 Arne SchwabeGraph fixes
2017-06-05 Arne SchwabePossible fix for #612
2017-06-02 Arne SchwabeRelease 0.6.68 v0.6.68
2017-06-02 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2017-05-31 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2017-05-31 Arne SchwabeImplement localisation of bit/s and B. (cloes #685)
2017-05-30 Arne SchwabeDecode url parts for internal storage
2017-05-29 Arne SchwabeFix lint issues
2017-05-29 Arne SchwabeUpdate translations
2017-05-29 Arne SchwabeFurther graph fine-tuning
2017-05-29 Arne SchwabeUpdate OpenSSL to 1.0.2l
2017-05-27 Arne SchwabeImplement graphs for traffic history
2017-05-27 Arne SchwabeRemove obsolete xposed module
2017-05-20 Arne SchwabeFix ticker text (closes #667)
2017-05-20 Arne SchwabeAlso hdpi
2017-05-20 Arne SchwabeMake icons white again (closes #646)
2017-05-18 Arne Schwabeclose #628
2017-05-18 Arne SchwabeHandle revoke and grant more gracefully
2017-05-18 Arne SchwabeFix fallback to old file select on newer devices (close...
2017-05-18 Arne SchwabeImplement tun-mtu and auth-retry in the ui
2017-05-17 Arne SchwabeParser ipv6 and !noipv4 parameters of redirect-gateway...
2017-05-16 Arne SchwabeSupport v4 protocol variants
2017-05-11 Arne SchwabeVersion 0.6.66 CVE-2017-7478 and CVE-2017-7479 v0.6.66 v0.6.66-production
2017-05-10 Arne SchwabeUpdate copyrights