2011-11-09 Robert NewsonConditionally apply JSON encoding to update_seq values
2011-11-08 Adam KocoloskiUpdate troubleshooting link
2011-11-08 Adam KocoloskiSimplify README
2011-10-31 Adam KocoloskiFix retrieval of headers larger than 4k
2011-10-25 Paul J. DavisFix SpiderMonkey source evaluation
2011-10-20 Robert NewsonFix object sealing with spidermonkey 1.7.0
2011-10-18 Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #76 from cloudant/12741-replication...
2011-10-17 Robert NewsonRevert "Build couchjs with C, not C++. Fixes libm error...
2011-10-17 Bob DionneFix seq problem in full_uri by encoding
2011-10-17 Robert NewsonBuild couchjs with C, not C++. Fixes libm error on...
2011-10-17 Robert Newsonremove scons cache in 'make clean'
2011-10-13 Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #72 from cloudant/12730-add-remsh...
2011-10-13 Paul J. DavisImprove remsh script
2011-10-13 Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #74 from cloudant/7c04f93
2011-10-13 Paul J. DavisFix badarg error in couch_server:try_close_lru/1
2011-10-12 Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #71 from cloudant/12726-custom-http...
2011-10-12 Adam KocoloskiRemove obsolete options, document N,Q
2011-10-12 Paul J. DavisAdd a remsh command to BigCouch
2011-10-12 Paul J. DavisDocument custom HTTP/socket options in default.ini
2011-10-11 Paul J. DavisRemove call to subprocess.check_output
2011-10-10 Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/1.1.x'
2011-10-07 Adam KocoloskiInclude twig explicitly in the release config
2011-10-06 Robert NewsonRevert "Fix function evaluation by newer SpiderMonkey's."
2011-10-06 Robert NewsonRevert "Remove SpiderMonkey 1.8.5 compatibility"
2011-10-06 Robert Newsonfix shadowing warning.
2011-10-06 Robert NewsonRemove SpiderMonkey 1.8.5 compatibility
2011-10-05 Filipe David... Update CHANGES and NEWS for the 1.1.1 release
2011-10-05 Robert Newsonupdate CHANGES and NEWS to include a one line summary...
2011-10-04 Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #67 from cloudant/12645-merge_latest...
2011-10-04 Adam KocoloskiMerge remote branch 'apache/1.1.x'
2011-10-02 Randall Leedsfix couchjs help language and use short options
2011-10-02 Randall Leedsdistclean couchjs.1 help2man file
2011-10-02 Randall Leedsimprove argument parsing in couchjs
2011-10-01 Randall Leedsfix COUCHDB-648 - _update handler ignores "code"
2011-09-30 Filipe David... Replicator: skip documents with empty ID
2011-09-29 Filipe David... Remove usage of http module from etap tests
2011-09-29 Robert Newsonrestore update_group for better update_after implementa...
2011-09-28 Robert Newsonpermit . within database names to allow shard browsing...
2011-09-28 Robert Newsonhandle bigcouch sequences in futon.browse.js
2011-09-28 Robert NewsonMerge 1.1.x because Paul Davis kept his important bug...
2011-09-28 Robert Newsonremove bad new tests. evil tests, I keel you.
2011-09-28 Robert NewsonMerge 1.1.x changes
2011-09-28 Paul Joseph... Rest of the fix for COUCHDB-1265
2011-09-28 Paul Joseph... Allow CommonJS modules to be an empty string.
2011-09-27 Paul Joseph... Fix function evaluation by newer SpiderMonkey's.
2011-09-27 Robert NewsonFixes COUCHDB-1152 - Update ICU on Windows.
2011-09-27 Robert NewsonMerge commit '34ba230324bb329ce5ed54d703dcb4d84a65ab86'
2011-09-27 Robert Newsonset cluster_ssl correctly, and tidy chttps section.
2011-09-26 benoitcadd https support.
2011-09-23 Adam KocoloskiWrite header before handing over compacted group
2011-09-22 Paul J. DavisUpdated CouchJS to support SpiderMonkey 1.8.5
2011-09-22 Robert Newsonfix port conversion in vhost
2011-09-15 Filipe David... Make sure view compaction terminates
2011-09-15 Jan Lehnardtremove trailing comma
2011-09-13 Jan LehnardtAllow slashes in doc ids in URLs to _update handlers.
2011-09-12 Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #62 from benoitc/master
2011-09-12 benoitcAdd missing database 'created' event.
2011-09-12 Randall LeedsInsane libtool hackery for windows (COUCHDB-1197)
2011-09-08 Robert NewsonCOUCHDB-1274 - Use text/javascript content-type for...
2011-09-08 Jan LehnardtFix list-style send() API in show functions when using...
2011-09-08 Paul Joseph... And the rest of the commit/
2011-09-08 Paul Joseph... Fix CouchJS compatibility with older SpiderMonkey.
2011-09-07 Randall Leedsadditional libtool lubrication for windows build
2011-09-02 Paul Joseph... Fixes COUCHDB-1265
2011-08-31 Filipe David... Fix order of parameters in log message
2011-08-27 Filipe David... Remove unnecessary call after revision 1162306
2011-08-27 Filipe David... Fix replication crash on database compaction
2011-08-25 Adam KocoloskiRemove Style where we have no need for it
2011-08-25 Adam KocoloskiDo not suppress old revisions from _changes
2011-08-23 Randall Leedsbring windows in line with r1001283 (COUCHDB-1197)
2011-08-19 Filipe David... Updated changes feed connect timeout to 30 seconds
2011-08-18 Filipe David... Add missing assertions to test/etap/210-os-proc-pool.t
2011-08-18 Filipe David... Added executable bit to test/etap/210-os-proc-pool.t
2011-08-18 Filipe David... Merge revision 1159045 from trunk
2011-08-17 Robert Newsonadd httpd/aborted_requests description.
2011-08-15 Adam KocoloskiMerge branch '11554-merge-couchdb-1.1'
2011-08-15 Paul Joseph... Fix empty range check for raw collation.
2011-08-13 Filipe David... Merge revision 1157428 from trunk
2011-08-13 Adam KocoloskiReset tracking branches to master
2011-08-13 Robert Newsonassert that calls to file functions actually succeed.
2011-08-13 Robert Newsoninclude new share/www files missed in the 1.1 merge.
2011-08-13 Robert Newsonallow replication callback module to be chosen at runtime.
2011-08-13 Robert Newsonmove couch_js_functions.hrl to include dir
2011-08-12 Robert NewsonAllow asynchronous view group updates.
2011-08-10 Filipe David... Revert couch_server changes added in revision 1156361
2011-08-10 Robert NewsonCOUCHDB-1245 - enforce maximum chunk size for _log...
2011-08-10 Filipe David... Merged revision 1156360 from trunk
2011-08-10 Robert NewsonCOUCHDB-1244 - close file descriptor in couch_log:read/2
2011-08-03 Robert Newsonadd note that R14B01 or higher is needed to build a...
2011-07-30 Randall LeedsBackport of r1152399 from trunk
2011-07-30 Randall LeedsBackport of r1152398 from trunk
2011-07-30 Randall LeedsBackport of r1152397 from trunk
2011-07-28 Robert Newsonrevert redundant pattern match.
2011-07-25 Robert Newsonassert that calls to file functions actually succeed.
2011-07-06 Filipe David... Merge revision 1143375 from trunk
2011-07-05 Filipe David... Remove warning about unused variable
2011-07-05 Filipe David... Merged revision 1142262 from trunk
2011-07-05 Filipe David... Merge revision 1142259 from trunk
2011-07-05 Filipe David... Restart replications on error
2011-07-05 Filipe David... Backport revision 1140886 from trunk