right now Ruben PollanUpdate changelog to 0.0.9 master 0.0.9
right now Sukhbir SinghAdd support for Thunderbird 60
right now Ruben PollanUpdate changelog 0.0.8
right now Sukhbir Singh[feat] Display notification to manually fetch messages...
right now Sukhbir Singh[feat] Display encryption status when viewing a message
right now Sukhbir Singh[feat] Display encryption status of email addresses...
right now Sukhbir Singh[feat] Add icons to bitmask status bar
right now Sukhbir Singh[feat] Display status of bitmaskd in status bar
right now Kali Kanekoformatting for the readme
right now drebs[doc] add release instructions to README 0.0.7
right now drebs[doc] update changelog
right now Sukhbir Singh[bug] Replace instances of String.prototype.contains...
2016-11-04 drebs[doc] update changelog 0.0.6
2016-09-28 drebs[doc] add certificate generation info to readme
2016-09-22 Ruben Pollan[bug] check if gEmailWizardLogger is already defined
2016-04-28 Ruben Pollan[doc] Update changelog 0.0.5
2016-04-07 Ruben Pollan[feature] Fetch IMAP/SMTP password from the tokens...
2015-02-25 drebsFix makefile dep on changelog.
2015-02-25 drebsRemove unneeded changelog file.
2015-02-24 dbUse upstream's email wizard javascript utilities.
2015-02-23 dbFix minimum version in install.rdf template.
2015-01-08 dbMerge branch 'release-0.0.4' into develop 0.0.4
2015-01-08 dbFix changelog date.
2015-01-07 dbMake git ignore .xpi files.
2015-01-07 dbUpdate maximum thunderbird compatible version.
2015-01-07 dbUpdate Makefile with changes for debian packaging.
2015-01-07 dbFold in changes.
2015-01-06 dbRemove the status bar overlay (#6613).
2014-09-15 dbImprove error message when configuring account (#4881).
2014-09-15 dbAdd changes file (#4871).
2014-09-15 drebsRemove status bar messages (#4871).
2014-06-03 drebsOnly disable caching checkbox if caching is already...
2014-03-13 drebsReorder makefile targets.
2014-03-13 drebsFix develop and build info on readme.
2014-03-13 drebsFix error string on new account setup (#5193).
2014-01-06 drebsMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kalikaneko/bug...
2014-01-06 drebsSmall fixes in install.rdf template structure.
2014-01-06 drebsMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kalikaneko/featur...
2014-01-03 Kali Kanekoadd properties files to xpi files
2013-12-23 Kali Kanekoadd logo to install.rdf
2013-12-23 drebsMerge branch 'release-0.0.3' 0.0.3
2013-12-23 drebsFold in changes.
2013-12-23 drebsMerge branch 'feature/4545_remove-misleading-encryption...
2013-12-20 drebsRemove misleading encryption info from wizard (#4545).
2013-11-19 drebsMerge branch 'feature/4525_remove-password-field-from...
2013-11-19 drebsRemove password field from account wizard. Closes ...
2013-11-19 drebsFix version inference in Makefile.
2013-11-05 drebsMerge branch 'release-0.0.2' 0.0.2
2013-11-05 drebsFold in changes.
2013-11-05 drebsMerge remote-tracking branch 'andrejb/bug/4374_fix...
2013-11-05 drebsFix items from mozilla review. Closes #4374.
2013-10-31 drebsFix makefile and install.rdf template.
2013-10-28 drebsMerge remote-tracking branch 'kalikaneko/add-assets...
2013-10-28 Kali Kanekomodify makefile to use template
2013-10-28 Kali Kanekoadd copyright info
2013-10-12 drebsAdd missing CHANGELOG.
2013-10-12 Kali Kanekoadd extension logos
2013-10-12 drebsEnable detached ascii sig for SHA256SUMS.
2013-10-04 drebsMerge branch 'release-0.0.1' 0.0.1
2013-10-04 drebsFold in changes.
2013-10-04 drebsInitial import.