Upgrade pip dependencies as well
[bitmask_bundler.git] / bundler / actions.py
2014-09-15 Tomás ToucedaUpgrade pip dependencies as well
2014-09-02 Tomas ToucedaAdd root.json to the bundle
2014-09-02 leapRemove Thandy for TUF
2014-09-02 Tomas ToucedaAdd stripping
2014-09-02 Tomas ToucedaRemove unused code
2014-06-20 Tomás ToucedaUpdate hashes for bitmask-root and openvpn
2014-06-19 Tomás ToucedaMake signing work on OSX
2014-05-13 Tomás ToucedaDo not copy openvpn on Linux directly
2014-03-07 Tomás ToucedaAdd code sign on OSX
2013-12-29 Tomás ToucedaAdd bitmask Thunderbird addon + pep8
2013-12-19 Tomás ToucedaUse Bitmask icon instead of LEAP's
2013-11-28 Tomás ToucedaMinor fix for OSX
2013-11-28 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'feature/windows_support' into develop
2013-11-28 Tomas ToucedaAdd Windows support feature/windows_support
2013-11-27 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'feature/linux_bundle' into develop
2013-11-27 leapFixes for linux feature/linux_bundle
2013-11-22 Tomás ToucedaMerge branch 'feature/osx_bundle' into develop
2013-11-22 Tomás ToucedaCreate bundler for OSX feature/osx_bundle