Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
[bitmask_android.git] / go /
2020-02-01 cybertaMerge branch 'implement_tethering_for_rooted_devices...
2020-02-01 cybertaupdate shapeshifter-dispatcher
2020-01-24 cybertaMerge branch 'no-dns-fallback' into 'master'
2020-01-17 cybertaadd golang download fingerprint verification
2020-01-03 cybertaMerge branch 'speedup_CI_builds' into 'master'
2019-12-30 cybertaMerge branch 'rooted_firewall' into 'master'
2019-12-29 cyBertaremove a outdated armeabi target for shapeshifter lib...
2019-12-12 cybertaMerge branch 'reduce_apk_size2' into 'master'
2019-11-29 cybertaadd go/lib directory to repository
2019-11-19 cyBertaupdate shapeshifter library
2019-10-29 cyBertaupdate shapeshifter library
2019-10-27 cyBertaupdate shapeshifter library with integrated logging...
2019-10-23 cyBertaupdate shapeshifter lib and its dependencices
2019-10-23 cyBertaadd missing export statement in build script
2019-10-11 cyBertamove installation of gomobile to
2019-10-08 cyBertaadd updated shapeshifter libs
2019-10-07 cyBertaadd more output to library cross compiling script
2019-10-06 cyBertatweak build script
2019-10-06 cyBertacreate an empty golang folder if it not exists during...
2019-10-05 cyBertaupdate shapeshifter library
2019-10-05 cyBertause same commits in go dependencies as the desktop...
2019-10-05 cyBertaminor updates on shapeshifter lib build script
2019-10-05 cyBertaimprove golang installation script
2019-09-30 cyBertaMerge branch 'pluggableTransports2'
2019-09-05 cyBertaupdate compiled shapeshifter libs
2019-09-05 cyBertaupdate shapeshifter-transports repo
2019-09-05 cyBertaadd go/x/tools as submodule
2019-09-05 cyBertaupdate shapeshifter library
2019-08-01 cyBertadelete shapeshifter-dispatcher binaries and deprecated...
2019-08-01 cyBertaupdate shapeshifter lib build script using gomobile
2019-08-01 cyBertaremove completely the go sdk from the repository
2019-08-01 cyBertaadd piedispatcherlib
2019-08-01 cyBertaupdate build shapeshifter library instea...
2019-08-01 cyBertaadd missing install script to install go sdk
2019-08-01 cyBertaadd shapeshifter library as submodule
2019-08-01 cyBertaadd shapeshifter dispatcher, go environment and buildsc...