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2020-04-04 cybertaMerge branch 'master' into 'master' master
2020-04-02 kwadronautYou've already done a release and many changes, update...
2020-03-17 cybertaMerge branch 'androidx' into 'master'
2020-03-17 cyBertaremove outdated UI test
2020-03-17 cyBertafix insecure flavor
2020-03-17 cyBertaadd missing AndroidX dependency
2020-03-16 cyBertaswitch to AndroidX
2020-03-16 cyBertafix tethering hint (#8979)
2020-03-15 cyBertarelease split apks for RiseupVPN beginning from v 1.0.4
2020-03-15 cybertaMerge branch 'exp-feature' into 'master'
2020-03-14 kwadronautChange wording experimental feats
2020-03-10 cyBertaremove outdated readme file
2020-03-08 cybertaMerge branch 'tethering_improvements' into 'master'
2020-03-08 cyBertaShow error toast and reset root feature settings if...
2020-03-07 cyBertadisable battery save mode only if actually VPN is runni...
2020-03-07 cyBertafix bluetooth tethering
2020-03-03 cyBertatake vpn state into account in isVpnTetheringRunning()
2020-03-02 cyBertafinish bluetooth tethering implementation
2020-03-02 cyBertafallback to genereal wifi settings if tethering setting...
2020-03-02 cyBertaopen android tethering settings activity on click on...
2020-03-02 cyBertause only rndis as valid interface name for usb tethering
2020-03-01 cyBertaimprove visual disabled state for switch entries in...
2020-02-28 cybertaenable/disable save battery switch in navigation drawer...
2020-02-28 cybertadisable battery save mode while tethering is enabled
2020-02-01 cybertaupdate version to 1.0.3 1.0.3
2020-02-01 cybertaupdate-translations
2020-02-01 cybertaMerge branch 'implement_tethering_for_rooted_devices...
2020-02-01 cybertacomment out tests for commented out bluetooth tethering...
2020-02-01 cybertaimprove wording for IPv6 Firewall
2020-02-01 cybertaadd missing icons
2020-01-31 cybertaadd UI in navigation drawer to enable/disable ipv6...
2020-01-31 cybertaensure firewall is started after vpn tun interface...
2020-01-31 cybertaadapt method visibility in TetheringStateManager
2020-01-31 cybertahide bluetooth tethering for now
2020-01-31 cybertafix test
2020-01-31 cybertaadapt and extend tests
2020-01-30 cybertaimplement usb tethering
2020-01-30 cybertafix possible NPE in SetupTetheringTask
2020-01-29 cybertaadapt tests
2020-01-29 cybertaimplement wifi tethering
2020-01-25 cybertacopyright bla
2020-01-25 cybertaadd and remove configuring tethering rules on vpn start...
2020-01-25 cybertainitiate configuring task
2020-01-25 cybertastop setting up firewall if su was not permitted
2020-01-25 cybertaimplement tethering firewall rules pt.1
2020-01-24 cybertarearrange firewalling code, move to separate package
2020-01-24 cyBertaadd some copyright headers
2020-01-24 cyBertaDon't change the wifi tethering state if a check fails...
2020-01-24 cyBertaimplement bluetooth tethering detection, refactor Tethe...
2020-01-24 cyBertaimplement simple detection for usb tethering
2020-01-24 cyBertadetect hotspot state and disable/enable controls in...
2020-01-24 cyBertaremove logs
2020-01-24 cyBertarename battery flag in navigation drawer
2020-01-24 cyBertaimplement basic UI for VPN tethering
2020-01-24 cyBertaadd new strings for tethering
2020-01-24 cyBertaadd new icons for tethering
2020-01-24 cybertaMerge branch 'no-dns-fallback' into 'master'
2020-01-24 cybertafix tests
2020-01-24 cybertafix potention NPEsin Provider class
2020-01-24 cybertafix tests with regard to provider initialization
2020-01-23 cybertacleanup in PreferenceHelper
2020-01-23 cybertasave provider api ip to shared preferences
2020-01-23 cybertaremove unnecessary conversion in ProviderApiSetupBroadc...
2020-01-23 cybertaminor refactoring in ProviderApiManagerBase
2020-01-23 cybertaset provider used in dns fallback resolution in Provide...
2020-01-23 cybertaadd api ip to provider class, implement ip lookup based...
2020-01-23 cybertaadd provider api IP's to provider url jsons in asset...
2020-01-23 cybertaimplement BuildConfig constants for custom branded...
2020-01-22 cybertaremove lint warnings
2020-01-21 cybertafix certificate validation bypassing flag for insecure...
2020-01-21 cybertaremove unused imports
2020-01-21 cybertaremove unnecessary null check
2020-01-21 cybertaimplement no-dns fallback using okhttp's Dns interface
2020-01-12 cyBertaremove unused code - move constant 'danger_on' for...
2020-01-12 cyBertafix UI bug in navigation drawer: restict entries max...
2020-01-03 cybertaMerge branch 'speedup_CI_builds' into 'master'
2019-12-30 cybertaMerge branch 'rooted_firewall' into 'master'
2019-12-30 cyBertaadapt log strings a little bit
2019-12-30 cyBertareduce log pollution
2019-12-30 cyBertareduce code duplication in PreferenceHelper
2019-12-30 cyBertareduce su calls, add logging, save if su exists and...
2019-12-30 cyBertainitial firewall implementation to fix #8939
2019-12-15 cyBertaupdate version to 1.0.2 stable 1.0.2
2019-12-15 cyBertaupdate languages
2019-12-13 cyBertaimprove better server balancing: update eip-service...
2019-12-13 cyBertareset UI State if blocking VPN was finished
2019-12-12 cybertaMerge branch 'reduce_apk_size2' into 'master'
2019-12-12 cyBertarevert minifying sources for now
2019-12-11 cyBertawrap dialogs in try catch clause for now
2019-12-03 cybertaavoid apk file name with spaces
2019-11-29 cybertaconfigure apk file name depending on flavor and build...
2019-11-26 cybertaremove unrelated abi specific assets in split apk builds
2019-11-26 cybertaconvert riseup vpn's pngs to webp files to reduce apk...
2019-11-26 cybertaadd minifyEnabled and shrinkResources to Release and...
2019-11-26 cybertainitial commit for apk split
2019-11-19 cyBertaupdate version to 1.0.2RC4 1.0.2RC4
2019-11-19 cyBertaupdate about fragment
2019-11-19 cyBertaimplement reconnect mechanism for shapeshifter that...
2019-11-19 cyBertaupdate translations
2019-11-13 cybertaMerge branch 'strings' into 'master'