Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
[bitmask_android.git] / .gitmodules
2019-10-23 cyBertachange shapeshifter-dispatcher submodule url
2019-09-30 cyBertaMerge branch 'pluggableTransports2'
2019-09-05 cyBertaadd go/x/tools as submodule
2019-08-01 cyBertaadd shapeshifter library as submodule
2019-08-01 cyBertaadd missing .gitmodules
2018-10-20 cyBertaforce git submodule sync
2017-09-29 cybertaMerge branch 'feature/updateDependencies' into 'master'
2017-09-29 cyBertaupdate ics-openvpn: fix submodule urls
2017-09-20 cyBertaupdate ics-openvpn: move ics-openvpn submodule remote...
2017-05-17 kwadronautMerge branch 'develop' move to 'master-'based development
2015-06-29 Parménides GVMerge branch 'feature/f-droid-verify-support-#6165... 0.9.4_FDROID
2015-06-24 Parménides GVUse https to fetch submodules
2015-06-16 Parménides GVMerge branch 'develop' 0.9.4
2015-06-08 Parménides GVMerge branch 'develop' into release-0.9.4
2015-06-04 Parménides GVMerge branch 'feature/Update-ics-openvpn-from-GitHub...
2015-06-04 Parménides GVTry to track "bitmask" branch from ics-openvpn fork
2015-06-04 Parménides GVUpdated bitmask branch from ics-openvpn fork, second...
2015-06-04 Parménides GVics-openvpn submodule now points to parmegv's repo
2015-06-04 Parménides GVics-openvpn as a submodule! beautiful