[bug] missing bytes conversion
[bitmask-dev.git] / ui /
2018-01-25 Kali Kaneko[feat] report missing polkit properly from main UI
2018-01-06 Ruben Pollan[bug] send the user id in msg_status command
2018-01-06 Kali Kaneko[refactor] webengine entrypoint
2017-12-20 Ruben Pollan[feat] Add msg_status call to the mail API
2017-12-17 Sukhbir Singh[feat] Add support for calling bitmask.js from Firefox...
2017-10-26 Ruben Pollan[feat] add fetch key by fingerprint to keymanager
2017-09-01 Kali Kaneko[pkg] bitmask-js package
2017-09-01 Kali Kaneko[bug] missing comma
2017-08-31 Ruben Pollan[feat] expose an API to set/get/list gateway preferences
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[bug] change status on ui too
2017-08-24 Ruben Pollan[bug] update the UI to the new mail.get_token API
2017-08-24 Ruben Pollan[feat] remove active user from get_token
2017-08-24 Ruben Pollan[feat] add a mock mixnet_status call to the API
2017-08-08 Simon Fondrie-Teitler[refactor] use sinon in confirmation component test
2017-08-08 Simon Fondrie-Teitler[bug] explicitly set versions for peer dependencies
2017-08-08 Simon Fondrie-Teitler[bug] Add "show" option to modal in confirmation component
2017-07-29 Kali Kaneko[bug] fix uri for reporting issues
2017-06-15 Ruben Pollan[feat] Add a 'fetch' flag to key export
2017-05-22 Simon Fondrie-Teitleradd prop-types to requirements
2017-05-22 Simon Fondrie-Teitleradd test running to ui Makefile
2017-05-22 Simon Fondrie-Teitler[refactor] refactor and add tests for Center and Confir...
2017-05-19 Kali Kaneko (leap... [pkg] some naming changes to ui Makefile
2017-05-19 Simon Fondrie-Teitler[bug] Don't update VPN status component for wrong domain
2017-05-19 Simon Fondrie-Teitler[bug] fix flex styling for vpn indicator
2017-05-16 Simon Fondrie-Teitler[feat] add icon to account list indicating account...
2017-05-04 Simon Fondrie-Teitler[feat] Go to first open line when enter is pressed
2017-05-04 Kali Kaneko (leap... [style] wording
2017-04-26 elijahfor now, don't catch javascript errors
2017-04-26 elijahminor: fix indentation
2017-04-24 elijah[feat] usable vpn ui
2017-04-20 elijah[feat] added app buttons (quit & about bitmask)
2017-04-16 kwadronaut[bug] fix typo in js library
2017-04-12 Kali Kaneko (leap... [bug] fix typo on js library
2017-04-03 Ruben Pollan[feat] add a check for the installation of the helpers...
2017-04-03 Ruben Pollan[feat] expose core.version and core.stop in the js API
2017-03-15 elijah[feat] minimal vpn ui
2017-03-15 elijah[feat] minimal addressbook ui
2017-03-15 elijahMerge remote-tracking branch 'merge-requests/82'
2017-03-15 elijah[bug] fix icons in ui
2017-03-04 Kali Kaneko (leap... [bug] load svg font for webkit to render it properly
2017-03-04 Kali Kaneko (leap... [bug] disable addressbok
2017-03-04 Kali Kaneko (leap... [feature] add pixelated button to UI
2017-03-04 Ruben Pollan[bug] provide email address to the bitmask.mail.status...
2017-03-03 Ruben Pollan[feat] get VPN params from eip-service.json
2017-03-03 Ruben Pollan[feat] add mail enable/disable to bitmask.js
2017-03-03 Ruben Pollan[feat] add VPN API to bitmask.js
2017-03-02 Ruben Pollan[feat] mail status will only work for a valid userid
2017-03-01 elijah[bug] correctly determine available services in the ui
2017-02-25 elijah[bug] update UI to use current API
2017-02-25 elijah[feature] Update bitmask.js to use authtoken
2017-02-22 Ruben Pollan[feat] eliminate the active user from bonafide
2017-02-09 Ruben Pollan[feat] add account based keymanagement API
2017-02-09 Ruben Pollan[feat] Get more detailed status report for email
2017-02-08 elijah[bugfix] ui: use woff2 font instead of woff
2017-01-10 elijah[bug] For now, disable UI for supporting multiple accou...
2016-12-29 elijah[feature] add support for authenticated API to bitmask.js
2016-12-29 Kali Kaneko (leap... [refactor] slice the js library after api changes
2016-11-08 elijahui: disable account remove button when appropriate
2016-11-08 elijahui: auto-initialize provider when logging in from the...
2016-11-08 elijahui: allow removing accounts
2016-11-08 elijahui: add initial addressbook panel
2016-10-10 Kali Kaneko (leap... [pkg] add command to upload to pypi
2016-10-08 elijah[minor] ui - remove unused code
2016-10-08 elijah[feat] ui - add support for sign up with invite code
2016-10-07 Kali Kaneko (leap... [pkg] get prebuilt package from pypi-in-the-sky
2016-10-07 Kali Kaneko (leap... [bug] fix typo: avoided js to be bundled
2016-10-07 elijah[feat] ui - log all events to console, for now.
2016-10-07 elijah[feat] ui - email status section
2016-10-06 elijah[bug] fix problems building ui, closes #8516
2016-10-04 Ruben Pollan[feat] list active users
2016-09-30 elijah[feat] ui - allow users to change their passwords
2016-09-29 elijah[feat] ui - improved account list, show multiple login...
2016-09-29 elijah[doc] update known issues
2016-09-29 elijah[bug] Display language and services correctly in provid...
2016-09-28 Ruben Pollan[feature]Add change password command
2016-09-22 elijah[feat] the setup wizard for the new ui
2016-09-22 elijah[pkg] pep8 cleanup
2016-09-22 elijah[pkg] bitmask_js => leap.bitmask_js
2016-09-22 elijah[pkg] rename www to ui