[bug] missing bytes conversion
[bitmask-dev.git] / tests /
2018-01-25 Kali Kaneko[tests] workaround for functional tests in docker
2018-01-08 Kali Kaneko[pkg] use bitmask-bundler image for bundles
2018-01-08 Ruben Pollan[test] enlarge the functional test timeout
2018-01-06 Varac[test] Use ci.leap.se for e2e tests
2018-01-06 Kali Kaneko[pkg] add qtwebengine to Dockerfile
2017-12-22 Ruben Pollan[refactor] Use sender interface in outgoing service
2017-12-03 Ruben Pollan[feat] extend the expiration of private keys if needed
2017-12-03 Ruben Pollan[refactor] remove rengenerate key
2017-12-03 Ruben Pollan[test] fix key renew test
2017-12-03 Tulio Casagrande[feat] stop resetting signs used after key regeneration
2017-12-03 Tulio Casagrande[feat] send public key as attachment on every email
2017-12-03 Tulio Casagrande[bug] remove change_key_expiration from the API
2017-12-03 Tulio Casagrande[bug] specify _get_inactive_private_keys as a private...
2017-12-03 Tulio Casagrande[refactor] rename key extension to expiration
2017-12-03 Tulio Casagrande[bug] fix expected new_expiry_date
2017-12-03 NavaL[feat] expired public key are remotely fetched if expired
2017-12-03 NavaL[bug] sign_used flag is reset for all public keys when...
2017-12-03 NavaL[feat] expired public key are remotely fetched if expired
2017-12-03 NavaL[bug] decryption will be tried for all inactive keys
2017-12-03 NavaL[feat] decryption interoperability, when the current...
2017-12-03 NavaL[feat] reset sign_used flag after regenerating key...
2017-12-03 NavaL[feat] first phase of key regeneration
2017-12-03 NavaL[feat] add key expiry date extension in keymanager
2017-11-30 Varac[test] Fix e2e mail test
2017-11-30 Ruben Pollan[test] install gnupg1 and haveged for the e2e test
2017-11-23 Varac[test] Install npm for build_ui CI job
2017-11-23 Varac[test] Install tox in docker image
2017-11-23 Varac[test] Ship and install latest chromedriver 2.33
2017-11-02 Kali Kaneko[tests] fix tests
2017-10-30 Kali Kaneko[bug] fix test flakyness
2017-10-26 Ruben Pollan[test] update imap flag list
2017-10-26 Ruben Pollan[bug] strip leap headers before processing the icnommin...
2017-10-26 Ruben Pollan[feat] add fetch key by fingerprint to keymanager
2017-10-26 Ruben Pollan[bug] make nicknym return key data
2017-10-06 Ruben Pollan[feat] use bonafide Provider object as a singleton
2017-09-21 Varac[test] VPN e2e tests now against ci.leap.se 0.10rc2
2017-09-20 Kali Kanekodebug
2017-09-20 Kali Kaneko[feat] check if there are newest configuration files
2017-09-13 Kali Kaneko[bug] send UIDNEXT on select
2017-08-31 Ruben Pollan[feat] list vpn gateways in the order that they are...
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] apply dns workaround for functional tests
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] apply dns workaround
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] increase timeout on vpn on
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] reuse tox virtualenv for e2e/functional
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] add another demo gateway
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[bug] assert vpn management folder exists
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] use another geoip api to avoid json decode...
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] add root-switch as dns workaround for tests...
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] do not fail if helper installed in debian path
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] fix check-ip script
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] workaround some errors while running tests
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] prepare to run behave against bundle
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] increase timeout
2017-08-30 Varac[tests] Check egress IP for VPN steps
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] fix test case typo
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[tests] fix path for data files
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[refactor] re-add retries for connecting to management
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[refactor] integrate new management protocol
2017-08-30 Kali Kaneko[feature] add twisted protocol for handling openvpn...
2017-08-25 Ruben Pollan[bug] replace content-type after removing the signature
2017-08-14 azul[tests] pep8 test_gateways.py
2017-08-11 Kali Kaneko[feature] allow manual gateway selection for vpn
2017-08-11 Kali Kaneko[feature] automatic vpn gateway selection, based on...
2017-07-21 Varac[tests] Succeed VPN test if helper files exists
2017-07-20 Azul[test] keep artifacts inside the project dir
2017-07-20 Azul[test] enable and check vpn
2017-07-20 Azul[test] minor: only set env["HOME"] once
2017-07-20 Kali Kaneko[tests] clearer message if test user not defined
2017-07-20 Varac[doc] Tests inside docker with gitlab-runner
2017-07-20 Azul[test] keep config files from failing tests
2017-07-20 AzulMerge branch 'functional_tests'
2017-07-20 Varac[test] Add basic functional login test
2017-07-18 Ruben Pollan[test] ca_cert_path can not be an empty string
2017-06-12 Ruben Pollan[feat] push private key updates into nicknym
2017-06-07 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] enable mail e2e again
2017-06-07 Kali Kaneko (leap... [feature] run vpn directly if user is root
2017-06-07 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] improve vpn e2e test
2017-06-07 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] simple e2e vpn test
2017-06-05 Ruben Pollan[test] validate the CA cert fingerprint check
2017-06-05 Ruben Pollan[bug] fail bonafide bootstrap for self sign certs
2017-05-24 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] fix tests
2017-05-22 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] add lxpolkit to the test-docker deps
2017-05-22 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] add openvpn and mocha to docker test container
2017-05-19 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] get invite code from env variable
2017-05-18 Kali Kaneko (leap... [pkg] need wget for bundles
2017-05-17 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] touch the dockerfile to force it being rebuilt
2017-05-17 Kali Kaneko (leap... [bug] add policykit-1 to docker image for e2e tests
2017-05-16 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] remove listener test
2017-05-16 Kali Kaneko (leap... [bug] fix notification for incoming mail with several...
2017-05-09 varacRun e2e tests againts ci.leap.se
2017-05-05 Micah Anderson[feat] Create and publish docker image (see #8755).
2017-05-04 Micah AndersonBuild docker image and push it to the container registr...
2017-04-27 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] fix tests
2017-04-03 Ruben Pollan[test] remove randomness tester
2017-03-31 Sriram Viswanathan[bug] Log error in case JSON parsing fails for decrypte...
2017-03-31 Sriram Viswanathan[bug] fix errBack in _decrypt_doc in incoming mail...
2017-03-30 Thais Siqueira[feature] Creates methods for update recovery code.
2017-02-24 Kali Kaneko (leap... [feature] require authentication token for api
2017-02-22 Ruben Pollan[feat] eliminate the active user from bonafide
2017-02-09 Ruben Pollan[feat] add account based keymanagement API