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Overview of the main code repositories
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This page should give an easy overview of the most important repositories. The authorative code is hosted at 0xacab, but they are also mirrored to github.

In general, the master branch of each repository should be a stable, release version of the software. Some projects merge directly into master (e.g., bitmask-dev), while others will have a develop branch that is used to stage features and bugfixes. Please check whether your project has a develop branch before making a pull request to master.

Client code

bitmask-dev The Bitmask desktop client application, supporting encrypted internet proxy, secure email, and secure chat (coming soon). The client is written in Python, runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows, and is licensed under the GPLv3. https://0xacab.org/leap/bitmask-dev https://github.com/leapcode/bitmask_client
bitmask_android Android version of the Bitmask client, supporting encrypted internet proxy. Future development will include support for secure email. Licensed under the GPLv3. https://0xacab.org/leap/bitmask_android https://github.com/leapcode/bitmask_android

Service provider platform

leap_platform Server automation recipes for running secure communication services via the LEAP Platform. Written mostly using puppet, and licensed under the GPLv3. https://0xacab.org/leap/leap_platform https://github.com/leapcode/leap_platform
leap_cli Command line interface for managing a service provider running the LEAP platform. Written in Ruby and released under the GPLv3. https://0xacab.org/leap/leap_cli https://github.com/leapcode/leap_cli
soledad Soledad (Synchronization of Locally Encrypted Data Among Devices) provides a synchronized, client-encrypted document database. Written in Python. https://0xacab.org/leap/soledad https://github.com/leapcode/soledad
nickserver Nickserver is a daemon supporting nicknym, a protocol to map user nicknames to public keys. Written in Ruby, released under the GPLv3. https://0xacab.org/leap/nickserver https://github.com/leapcode/nickserver

Web applications and libraries

leap_web Web application for the LEAP platform, providing user management, tickets, billing, and REST API. https://0xacab.org/leap/leap_web https://github.com/leapcode/leap_web
leap_se This website https://0xacab.org/leap/leap_se https://github.com/leapcode/leap_se
srp_js Secure Remote Password (SRP) library for Javascript. https://0xacab.org/leap/srp_js https://github.com/leapcode/srp_js
ruby_srp Secure Remote Password (SRP) library for Ruby. https://0xacab.org/leap/ruby_srp https://github.com/leapcode/ruby_srp