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Guidelines for testing Bitmask

The Internet Encryption Toolkit: Encrypted Internet Proxy and Encrypted Mail
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Recommended setup

VirtualBox (or similar) with virtual machines installed for supported OSs

For each system that you are going to test, you should do:

  • Install the VM
  • Restart the VM and check that the process is finished.
  • Turn it off and make a snapshot named ‘fresh install’ or similar.

The OS should be installed with the default settings and no extra packages. However, you can choose your language, username, timezone, etc


Note: If you have a bundle version older than 0.7, please reinstall Bitmask.

Some notes on how to test: https://github.com/leapcode/bitmask_client/blob/develop/docs/testing-rcs.README

Test process

  • roll back the virtual machine to its fresh install state, to make sure that you’re testing against a reproducible environment.
  • download the bundle, verify signature (if apply), extract and run the app
  • test the application (see next section)

Tests to do

  • check if the version number is the same as the current bundle version
    • ‘Help->About Bitmask’
    • ./bitmask --version
  • correct installation of files to ‘better protect privacy’
    • /etc/leap/resolv-update
    • /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/net.openvpn.gui.leap.policy

    You should check that they get copied when the user says ‘yes’ and they don’t get copied if the user says ‘no’.

  • installation of tun/tap in Windows and MAC TODO: explain more here

  • account creation

    Recommended username template: test_bundleversion_os_arch, that way you avoid conflicts between test iterations. e.g.: ‘test_036_debian7_64’, ‘test_036_win7_32’, etc

    If you need to create extra users in order to test a bug or whatever, you can use ‘test_036_ubuntu1204_32a’, ‘test_036_ubuntu1204_32b’, etc

    In case of being a lot of users testing a version you may want to use your username instead of test, e.g.: ‘johndoe_036_ubuntu1204_32’.

  • eip connection

    You can check if the vpn is working entering to the site: http://wtfismyip.com

    or using the console: shell> wget -qO- wtfismyip.com/json

  • Soledad key generation
  • Thunderbird configuration manually and using add-on
  • Send and receive mail

    You need to test communication between inside and outside users, e.g.: someuser@bitmask.net and otheruser@gmail.com

    A good thing to do is to subscribe to a mailing list that have a lot of activity.

  • Check if the account data is correctly synced.

    After the account creation, have everything working and the app closed:

    • remove the configuration files created by the app (~/.config/leap in linux)
    • log in with your recently created credentials and check that everything is working and your mails are there too.

Problems report

You should to create an issue with the following information:

  • OS, version, architecture, desktop environment (if relevant).
  • bitmask.log file located in the root folder of the uncompressed bundle
  • steps to reproduce

If you find a problem, try to reproduce and take note of the steps needed to get the same error.

Also, in some cases, a failure appears but if you run again is not there anymore (e.g.: some initialization issue), please report that too.

For more details look at Contributing - Reporting bugs


Download, extract and run helper script for linux:

shell> ./download-extract-run-bitmask.sh

Script contents:

# FOLDER="Bitmask-linux32-${VERSION}"

wget ${HOST}${FILE} && tar xjf ${FILE} && cd ${FOLDER} && ./bitmask