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Report a bug (or a feature request)

How to submit a bug report or a feature request.

Something not working ? You found a bug, or want to propose a feature ?

Here’s how you can get involved.

Please refer to the Platform known issues or the Bitmask client known issues before reporting a bug. You might want to browse the Bitmask client issues or the Platform issues as well.

LEAP issue tracker

This is the LEAP LEAP issue stracker.

Please register before creating new issues.

Anomymize your logs before pasting them in the LEAP issue tracker

Before you paste your logs you can use our log anonymizing script:

git clone https://leap.se/git/scripts.git
cd scripts

Edit the script and add your username and domain, then:

./clean-log.sh PATH_TO_LOGFILE > /tmp/LOGFILE.cleaned.log

Please double check before pasting nonetheless!