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Maintenance release: Bionic packages and long term evolution

Update from the coagulated brains in LEAP

Mid july we released packages as a maintanance release with support for Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic). For install instructions check out https://dl.bitmask.net/linux/ The bundles however have not been updated, our plan is to deprecate them and migrate to Snap-packages, which will take some time. As usual bug reports and feedback is very welcome.

If you want to follow developments or experiment with those Snap packages, you can find an experimental one tailored for Riseup at snapcraft, they’ve written a nice how-to as well: https://riseup.net/betatest

We’re expanding now as well and are building a Windows installer, it’s working pretty smooth, but still lacks a good firewall, we’re looking forward to the near future to announce this more broadly.