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LEAP Platform 0.8.2 Release

We are releasing Platform 0.8.2 today. This is release fixes a potential security issue where VPN clients are able to communicate with other connected VPN clients. It is just a minor release to fix bugs, security issues and further stabilize the 0.8.1 release. This release has only a few, but important, changes. By design it does not contain any new features. Please see below for requirements and details for upgrading.

UPGRADING: It is tricky to upgrade the OS and migrate the database. Please follow our upgrade tutorial.

WARNING: failure to migrate data from BigCouch to CouchDB will cause all user accounts to get destroyed.


  • couchdb errors on specific users
  • fix mail sending domain
  • fix Tor hidden services for static sites
  • fix Tor hidden service hostname
  • fix for tor not being restarted when the key or HS hostname is changed
  • fix leap add-user when gem is missing
  • fix for leap cert csr not creating cert files
  • fix for bind9 being greedy and taking over unbound’s role
  • fix some unnecessary puppet messages
  • fix mail delivery/clamav tests
  • fix static host apache virtual host configuration
  • fix for DKIM keys not getting deployed
  • fix for VPN allowing network access to other connected clients
  • remove unnecessary nagios soledad check
  • fix missing auth.log
  • fix duplicate syslog messages
  • extend local check_mk checks
  • use nodelay socket option for couchdb httpd server


  • Now, soledad and couchdb must be on the same node.
  • Requires Debian Jessie. Wheezy is no longer supported.
  • Requires CouchDB, BigCouch is no longer supported.
  • Requires leap_cli version 1.8
  • Requires bitmask client version >= 0.9
  • Includes:
    • leap_mx 0.8
    • webapp 0.8
    • soledad 0.8