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Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015

Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015 is over. It was a success and we’re very happy about the new LEAP webapp features that just got merged! We had two teams this year working on two major feature for the LEAP webapp. The webapp is using ruby on rails, so we applied with it to this years RGSOC as an organisation.

Bitcoin Payments

The team from Quito, Ecuador worked on implementing the billing engine which allows the provider to bill its customers for their plans. Currently, Braintree is the only payment provider which customers can use with Pay Pal, Bitcoin and Credit Cards.

Invite Codes

Our team in Hamburg, Germany implemented the invite code feature. Admins can generate invite codes so they can limit the registration, which before was either closed or completely open.

Thank you !

A big thanks goes to all people that helped making this years Summer of Code such a success, including the orga team, coaches, mentors and most of all, to both of the amazing teams that did the actual code ! We hope we can participate again in next years Summer of Code again.