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Platform release 0.7

We are happy to release the next iteration of the LEAP Platform, and its associated components! This release started small, and then grew as more core pieces were cleaned up and polished and improved. We ended up chewing through over 110 issues to get use to a well tested and oiled machine!


  • Requires leap_cli version >= 1.7.3
  • Requires bitmask client version >= 0.7
  • Previous releases supported cookies when using the provider API. Now, only tokens are supported.
  • Includes:
    • leap_mx 0.7.0
    • tapicero 0.7
    • webapp 0.7
    • soledad 0.7


  • gem install leap_cli --version 1.7.3.
  • cd leap_platform; git pull; git checkout 0.7.0.
  • leap deploy
  • leap db destroy --db sessions,tokens You can ignore message about needing to redeploy (since, in this case, we just want to permanently delete those databases).
  • leap test to make sure everything is working

New features:

  • rotating couchdb databases: CouchDB is not designed to handle ephemeral data, like sessions, because documents are never really deleted (a tombstone document is always kept to record the deletion). To overcome this limitation, we now rotate the sessions and tokens databases monthly. The new database names are tokens_XXX and sessions_XXX where XXX is a counter since the epoch that increments every month (not a calendar month, but a month’s worth of seconds). Additionally, nagios checks and leap test run now will create and destroy test users in the tmp_users database, which will get periodically deleted and recreated.
  • deployment logging: information on every deploy is logged to /var/log/leap on the node, including the user, leap_cli version, and platform version.
  • you must now run leap deploy --downgrade if you want to deploy an older version over a newer platform version.
  • the install source for each custom daemons (e.g. tapicero, etc) can now configured in common.json.
  • you can configure apt sources in common.json
  • improved nagios graphs integration (with pnp4nagios)
  • default MTU was reduced to 1400 for better overall compatibility
  • install haveged for some minimal entropy on depleted systems
  • switch to release branches for webapp, tapicero
  • implement weakdh recommendations, and update minimal cipher lists for web TLS connections
  • many bug bugfixes, security improvements, and tests