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At the Circumvention Tech Festival

The past week several leapers attended the Circumvention Tech Festival in Valencia (Spain).

It was an intense week, full of interesting conversations in the workshops and at the bar over beers. OpenITP organized user testing of Bitmask, and we learned a lot from the user experience on what should be improve to make Bitmask intuitive. We spent time with users from many corners of the world learning the specific problems that they try to solve with Bitmask and how can we help them. There was a meeting of VPN client developers to see how we can help each other and share knowledge and code. We met some ModernPGP people and learned a lot from them about how to improve the user experience of OpenPGP clients. There was talk about hiding email metadata and many OpenPGP client developers decided to unite forces to reduce the metadata leakage in email.

As usual in this kind of conferences we came back with much work to do and a burst of energy.

See you in the next one!!!