Bitmask Android v0.9.4

The "fabbutton" release is here with big changes to the UI, updated dependencies, a dialog management bug fix, ics-openvpn, Spanish localization, and more!

Platform release 0.7

We are happy to release the next iteration of the LEAP Platform, and its associated components! This release started small, and then grew as more core pieces were cleaned up and polished and improved. We ended up chewing through over 110 issues to get use to a well tested and oiled machine!

Platform release 0.7.1

The new LEAP Platform 0.7.1 is now available. The last 0.7 release included many major changes. This release, on the other hand, mostly contains bugfixes and changes requested by the new service providers who are learning to adopt the platform. Also, the web application now works in a dozen languages.

Big thanks to Shuttleworth Foundation

Today we received a surprise flash grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation. I have to admit, I had never even heard of the Shuttleworth Foundation before, but it is a very welcome suprise and it comes at a really good time. Big thanks to the Shuttleworth Foundation and to Allen Gunn for nominating us. In the coming months, we will detail the work we did with the grant.

Bitmask Desktop v0.8

Good news everyone! Bitmask for Linux 0.8 has been released. For version 0.8, we focused on fixing bugs and rewriting much of the backend code. There are no new features to try out but if you had some issue bothering you then give this new version a try and tell us how it goes.

Bitmask Android v0.9.4 Beta

A new Bitmask forged in the fires of the Circumvention Technology Conference is ready for beta use and testing on Android. We are happy to announce a solid set of UI and functional improvements to the app.

Bitmask Android v0.9.3

Bitmask for Android 0.9.3 has been released. This release includes important bugfixes and now, when the VPN fails to establish, your connection isn't blocked. On top of that we improved the ability to switch seemlessly between providers.

Bitmask Desktop v0.8.1

Bitmask for Linux 0.8.1 has been released. This release includes a couple of important bugfixes and a secure ZMQ fallback for distros that does not have CurveZMQ available.

At the Circumvention Tech Festival

Last week we were at the Circumvention Tech Festival were we were talking about topics like OpenPGP usability, reducing email metadata leakage, It was an intense week, full of interesting conversations in the workshops and at the bar over beers.