LEAP is a non-profit dedicated to giving all internet users access to secure communication. Our focus is on adapting encryption technology to make it easy to use and widely available. More about LEAP »

For Users

We are working to create a suite of high security communication tools that are reliable and easy to use.

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For Providers

We are working on tools to automate the deployment of a secure service provider infrastructure.

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For Hackers

Got skills? We need them. Fork, contribute, pentest, and patch our software. Always 100% Free/Libre.

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New release of Bitmask: encrypted email for everyone

We are pleased to announce the Bitmask 0.9.2 release, codename “Panis et Circenses”. Bitmask Encrypted Email is now available as a stable Beta, and bundled with a sleek mail client developed by the Pixelated-Project. Beta means that a deep refactor of our code base has brought us new stability, scalability and speed, but unforeseen issues are still expected to be found. We need you to test it hard, and report issues, but don’t trust it yet in situations where data loss, delivery problems or any other errors can put you at risk or otherwise cause major trouble. 

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LEAP Platform 0.8 Release

We are happy to announce the release of Platform 0.8! Although this release focuses specifically on email support, we also took care of nearly 200 other issues that were needed, including upgrading from Debian Wheezy to Jessie, BigCouch to CouchDB, and many other features and bug fixes. This is a biggest update yet, with 412 commits.

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Hurray for DuckDuckGo

Honestly, I have always been a shill for DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track its users. If you haven’t tried DuckDuckGo recently, you really should. It keeps getting better all the time, largely thanks to an army of volunteer hackers who keep adding nice instant answers for all sort of useful things. DuckDuckGo also gives tons of money to great free software and security projects, and this year LEAP was included. So, the next time I bump into you at the café, I better see DuckDuckGo as your default search engine or I am throwing your laptop into the street.

2nd OpenPGP email summit

The 2nd OpenPGP email summit took place in Zurich between the 5th and 6th of December. LEAP was there among many other projects working on protecting email communications. It was an intense weekend where we had the oportunity to hear from other projects about how they are doing things and to discuss how to solve common problems. There were many working sessions on a variety of topics (from key server email validation to password recovery). I’m going to highlight some topics that I think were very interesting.

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Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015

Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015 is over. It was a success and we’re very happy about the new LEAP webapp features that just got merged! We had two teams this year working on two major feature for the LEAP webapp. The webapp is using ruby on rails, so we applied with it to this years RGSOC as an organisation.

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Bitmask Encrypted Email is ready for testing!

At a time when online surveillance by corporate and government powers is mainstream we need the ability to communicate without fear. We are happy to announce Bitmask 0.9.1, the Beta release of Bitmask Encrypted Email- a secure email application that is easy to use and easy to provide. Bitmask is 100% free/libre software and uses the gold standard of encryption technology - GPG end to end public key encryption. Now we need your help to test this beta release so we can make it ready for wide spread use.

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Bitmask 0.9.0rc2 release candidate

The LEAP team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the second release candidate for Bitmask 0.9.0, codename “we’re not in kansas anymore”. This is our second public release candidate with a responsive and relatively bug free encrypted email experience.

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Platform release 0.7.1

The new LEAP Platform 0.7.1 is now available. The last 0.7 release included many major changes. This release, on the other hand, mostly contains bugfixes and changes requested by the new service providers who are learning to adopt the platform. Also, the web application now works in a dozen languages. Read more »

Bitmask 0.9.0rc1 release candidate

The LEAP team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Bitmask 0.9.0rc1, codename “we’re not in kansas anymore.” This is our first public release candidate with a responsive and relatively bug free encrypted email experience. Our work has focused on speed and scale optimization by adapting the underlying components (leap.keymanager and leap.mail) to use the new async API of Soledad.

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