LEAP Encryption Access Project

LEAP is a non-profit dedicated to giving all internet users access to secure communication. Our focus is on adapting encryption technology to make it easy to use and widely available. More about LEAP »

For Users

We are working to create a suite of high security communication tools that are reliable and easy to use.

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For Providers

We are working on tools to automate the deployment of a secure service provider infrastructure.

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For Hackers

Got skills? We need them. Fork, contribute, pentest, and patch our software. Always 100% Free/Libre.

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Repository Key Refresh
We screwed up and let our debian repository key expire. The responsible parties have been punished (no more free back rubs). You have three options to fix it... Read more »
The big seven hard problems in secure communication
If you take a survey of interesting initiatives to create more secure communication, a pattern starts to emerge: it seems that any serious attempt to build a system for secure message communication eventually comes up against the following list of seven hard problems. These problems appear to be present regardless of which architectural approach you take (centralized authority, distributed peer-to-peer, or federated servers). Read more »
Big thanks to Access for supporting LEAP
Last night I attended the awards party for Access Innovation Prize, not knowing what to expect. The prize is for people and organizations using "information technology to promote and enable human rights and deliver social good". It turns out, geeks on a mission know how to do good and have a good time!
My, that disc is shiny.

LEAP was a finalist in the "Making Crypto Easy" category, but the competition was impressive and deserving. I nearly popped a blood vessel when I heard LEAP called as the winner! Big thanks to Access and all the techies and innovators they assembled. It was an excellent party, and a stellar collection of dedicated technologists. On behalf of LEAP, I am humbled and extremely thankful for this prize. Now we get down to putting the prize money to work...
Let's play security bingo! (Updated)

To be honest, this is might be the least satisfying game of bingo ever—but let’s play anyway. The rules are simple: make a grid cross referencing OS platform and communication toolset. In each cell, put the name of an open source software package with reasonable security properties. If this exercise doesn’t make you break down in tears, then you have won.

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Tada! A website.

I just put up the official and uncensored LEAP website. Everything needs a beginning, and I suppose this is our beginning—not with a whimper or a bang, but with a “tada!” Poke around, check us out, and please send us your questions, angry tirades, or love letters. More updates to follow shortly.

LEAP Development Roadmap

Jan 2013 Automated deployment of Encrypted Internet Proxy service, with client support on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
June 2013 Android client for Encrypted Internet Proxy.
Jan 2014 Initial release of secure email as part of the LEAP platform.
June 2014 Email and its discontents with automatic key validation.
2015 Initial release of secure chat as part of the LEAP platform.
2016 Initial release of secure file sync as part of the LEAP platform.
2018 Initial release of secure voice conference as part of the LEAP platform.
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