A resilient core

last developments in LEAP VPN circumvention and platform

Pluggable Transports and the Censorship Circumvention Landscape

Overview of censorship and circumvention techniques, and how Pluggable Transports (PT) fit in

Introducing VPN-Hole, a Go library for blocking ads and malware

Getting started with VPN-Hole, a self-contained GoLang library for blocking ads on the client-side that will be integrated with various cross-platform applications at LEAP.

Building a Censorship Resistant Pluggable Transport for UDP

We are on a quest to develop a new UDP based Pluggable Transport for censorship resistance

Wanted: Go Application Developer to Fight Censorship

Do you know a Go app developer interested in anti-censorship?

Google summer of code: join us!

GSOC - check it out and apply