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Bitmask Encrypted Email is ready for testing!

At a time when online surveillance by corporate and government powers is mainstream we need the ability to communicate without fear. We are happy to announce Bitmask 0.9.1, the Beta release of Bitmask Encrypted Email- a secure email application that is easy to use and easy to provide. Bitmask is 100% free/libre software and uses the gold standard of encryption technology - GPG end to end public key encryption. Now we need your help to test this beta release so we can make it ready for wide spread use.

If you are a linux user, follow the steps below. (Mac and windows users, we’re coming at you real soon.)

  1. Get Bitmask: https://bitmask.net
  2. Run Bitmask and select mail.bitmask.net as your provider
  3. Report issues here: https://leap.se/code/projects/report-issues


Bitmask is an easy to use cross-platform VPN and encrypted email application. Both services are backwards compatible with existing standards and designed to be more secure than existing methods of VPN and email. Bitmask VPN public beta has been in use for months. Version 0.9.1 released Nov 4th 2015 is our first public beta of email.

The Encrypted Internet Proxy provides circumvention, location anonymization, and traffic encryption in a hassle-free, automatically self-configuring fashion.

Encrypted Mail offers automatic encryption and decryption for both outgoing and incoming email, adding public key cryptography to your mail without you ever having to worry about key distribution or signature verification. Bitmask runs local SMTP and IMAP proxies that, once you configure the mail client of your choice, will automatically encrypt and decrypt your email using GPG encryption under the hood.

A user can use Bitmask with any provider that uses the LEAP Platform.

The LEAP Platform is essentially a turn-key system for a “secure provider in a box” that enables a system administrator to easily and cheaply deploy and manage their infrastructure by automating most labor-intensive tasks.